South-central Maryland may soon look like the San Francisco of the East Coast after elected officials in Montgomery County unanimously approved a measure on Nov. 13 allowing “transgender” males to use female restrooms and vice versa.

Is Maryland’s sex education curriculum teaching anal sex not enough to appease the California-admiring members of the Montgomery County Council? Apparently not. The newly minted bill gives citizens of the Old Line State who are confused about their “gender identity” the green light to enter a public facility or locker room of their choice, even if children are present.

Why would a county government bring politics into the bathroom by passing a statute giving special rights over locker room access? And particularly for a small segment of people described by the American Psychiatric Association as disordered?

The Transgender Law Center, or TLC – an organization dedicated to getting legal information into the hands of community members, attorneys, educators and others – designed a descriptive resource guide for transgender activists and their homosexual, lesbian and bisexual allies. The document, titled “Peeing in Peace,” promotes “gender neutral restrooms” in all sectors of society. Not surprisingly, it was partially funded by Clinton supporter George Soros and the Tides Foundation, generously supported by Teresa Kerry, wife of Sen. John Kerry.

The problem, according to TLC, is that many transgendered people have few safe places to go to the bathroom. They claim to “get harassed … and arrested in BOTH women’s and men’s rooms.” One sufferer, who had clearly entered a restroom of the opposite sex, whined that he had been “dragged out by security guards.”

Essentially, the transgendered consider it harassing abuse if they are questioned by a citizen, or even held to account by law enforcement, for entering a restroom of the opposite sex.

Amusingly, this sounds as if the fuss is over “peeing rights,” or about who has the right to urinate where. But think again. Seriously consider that your child is likely to find transsexualism not only discussed but also actively practiced in his public school at some point.

In an effort to influence your child, the TLC provides a handy “Toolkit for Gender Identity Activism in Schools.” Included in section 1:39 is one active board of education’s administrative regulation stating that “transgender students shall not be forced to use the locker room corresponding to their gender assigned at birth.” In other words, these public school students are welcome to undress in opposite sex locker rooms, as well as use opposite sex restrooms.

Clearly, most, if not all students would find undressing in a room with the opposite sex quite uncomfortable. So, to accommodate the “needs and privacy concerns of all students,” a child may be offered options to dress in “an area separated by a curtain” or in “a PE instructor’s office in the locker room.” Another suggested dressing area is “a nurse’s office.”

Why would any board of education regulation offer a child the option of changing his clothing in a teacher’s or administrator’s office? Would you feel comfortable with your child undressing in a stranger’s office?

The TLC’s emphasis on the desire to urinate in any chosen location is laughable, except for this question: Why would any adult, young or old, fight so hard for full access to all facilities in which people are in some state of undress?

And particularly within the restrooms and locker rooms of public schools?

According to “Peeing in Peace,” it is important that transgenders be allowed to use multi-stall facilities with mixed company. The guide states, “If people are worried about privacy … stall doors could extend all the way to the ground and locks on individual stalls could function more effectively.”

Why would such desires be so important?

Considering that, according to Yale and Harvard-connected psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, pedophilia is more than three times more common among homosexuals than among heterosexuals, and since the GLBT population is strongly unified, doesn’t it strike you as odd that a major transgender organization endorsed by the homosexual lobby would consider having children undress in a teacher’s office? And that they would insist on using multi-stall restrooms of the opposite sex? And that they would desire stalls that extend to the floor and securely lock? (If only Sen. Larry Craig had been so lucky.)

Randy Thomasson, president of the Campaign for Children and Families, is working to sound a critically important alarm to parents across the country. An ominous piece of legislation, recently signed into law in California, goes into effect in January. According to Thomasson, “SB 777 means radical curriculum changes that include transvestite speakers and transsexual videos, classroom handouts on sex-change operations, and curriculum teaching children homosexual ‘marriage’ is completely normal.”

This heinous law, along with the statute in Maryland, is simply an extension of the psychologically abusive methods already being perpetrated upon school children across our country. Easy access to children’s’ minds and bodies is increasingly becoming more deeply facilitated, especially in public schools.

If your child were in the path of a raging wildfire, what would you do?

Homeschool parents in Germany have gone to jail for their zeal in protecting their children from perverted influences. Many homeschool families have fled that country so they can continue teaching decent standards. They are escaping the flaming fires of immorality so their own children don’t get burned beyond recognition.

You, on the other hand, live in a land of freedom.

What are you going to do?

Any sane parent would immediately pull his child out of the fire.

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Olivia St. John is a freelance writer with almost 20 years of experience as a home educator. Her work has been featured in several online publications, and she is currently working on a book promoting home education.

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