In a scene from a new documentary, Hillary Clinton thanks Peter Paul for hosting an Aug. 12, 2000, Hollywood gala and fundraiser for her Senate campaign

A revealing, fast-paced and entertaining one-hour documentary with exclusive home videos of Bill and Hillary Clinton that allegedly capture the Democratic presidential front-runner committing crimes in her quest for the Senate and the White House is now available on DVD exclusively from Shop.WND.

“Smoking gun” evidence of Clinton’s multiple violations of federal law in her bid for power is uncovered amid a media and government blackout in “Hillary Uncensored,” which tells the star-studded story of Hollywood mogul Peter Franklin Paul’s civil fraud suit against the Clintons.

The film’s story continues to unfold as the Clintons, along with leading figures in the Democratic Party and Hollywood, will be forced to testify under oath ahead of a trial in the coming year.

Paul Anka performs at Hollywood tribute to President Clinton (Courtesy

Paul presents compelling evidence President Clinton destroyed his entertainment company ? Stan Lee Media ? to get out of a $17 million deal in which he promised to promote the firm in exchange for stock, cash options and massive contributions to his wife’s 2000 campaign. Paul contends he was directed by the Clintons and Democratic Party leaders to foot the bill for a lavish Hollywood gala and fundraiser prior to the 2000 election that eventually cost him nearly $2 million.

The documentary opens with scenes from the gala ? the largest private concert ever ? with Cher singing to an audience of the Democratic Party’s top leaders and A-list entertainers such as Brad Pitt and John Travolta, who were there to salute President Clinton and contribute to Hillary Clinton’s first Senate campaign.

Paul provided five hours of home video to the film producers to document his contention that the Clintons reneged on the deal after the Washington Post published a story about his past felony convictions. The Clinton campaign, he said, then proceeded to cover up his massive contributions and act as if they didn’t know him. Later, according to Paul’s lawsuit, then-President Clinton, working through his aides, maneuvered to destroy Paul’s company, essentially releasing Clinton from any obligation.

Sen. Hillary Clinton greets Peter Paul at Hollywood gala (Courtesy

The film includes footage of former Vice President Al Gore, impeachment chief counsel David Schippers, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, Diana Ross, Brad Pitt, Michael Bolton, Shirley MacLaine, Patti LaBelle, Chelsea Clinton, Larry King, Gov. Ed Rendell and Spider Man creator Stan Lee

Hollywood filmmakers normally inclined to support candidates such as Sen. Clinton, in fact, worked quietly behind the scenes to put the finishing touches on the documentary.

In recent weeks, the trailer for the film became the No. 1-viewed piece on Google’s video site. The 13-minute piece was posted on a private site July 18 for editing and focus-group review, but it was leaked on a political blog Oct. 7 and immediately hit the top spot through viral e-mailing. Later it was copied to YouTube. Between the two sites, the video now has more than 3 million views.

Paul says the film, using his hours of home video, “is unprecedented in allowing the camera to communicate the character of these people, without being diffused through spokesmen and spin.”

He says the film is not intended “to have any ideological or political message at all, other than confirming what Lord Acton noticed, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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