A white man aboard a subway car is taunted, harassed and attacked by a gang of black high-schoolers. Three white Michigan teens find themselves in the “wrong” neighborhood and are beaten and shot by six black youths. Then there was the case of a white couple that was gang raped, mutilated and murdered by five black adults.

Welcome to the realm of hate crimes that aren’t hate crimes.

As for the murder of the couple, Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, the assailants will go on trial next year. Yet, no hate crime charge is in the offing. Said John Gill, special counsel to the district attorney in the case, “There is absolutely no proof of a hate crime.”

Certainly not. Dead men tell no tales.

In the case of the Michigan teens, Dustin Kaiser, Michael Carter and an unnamed 14-year-old girl, two victims survived to bear witness. Their assailants were convicted but, once again, no hate crime charges.

Regardless of the particulars of a given case, a phenomenon is becoming apparent in America: White on black is standing out far more than black on white.

Just watch the startling video of the assault on the white straphanger. If it had shown a white gang attacking an innocent black man, does anyone really believe the footage wouldn’t be featured on every news broadcast?

Then, the young girl in the Michigan case was forced to perform sexual acts, and all three victims were shot in the head. And Newsom and Christian were sexually mutilated in unspeakable ways. Yet, the scarcity of national news coverage is striking.

The reason is obvious. Such cases don’t conform to the Shill Media’s favored fiction, their narrative about prejudiced whites and persecuted blacks.

Speaking of fiction, America is not a “racist” nation, not compared to other lands anyway. But there are racial problems, most of which go unmentioned. Why?

Because most originate in the black community.

We’re not supposed to say it, but, contrary to leftist dogma, blacks in America are far more bigoted than whites. The truth is that black bigotry is whitewashed.

I know, I’ll be called a “racist” just for saying this – that’s part of the blame game – but it’s not hard to understand. Blacks and whites have very different upbringings. Weaned on political correctness, most modern white children are told that the worst thing one can be is a racist. They’re bombarded with messages about how their race owned slaves and is privileged, about how bigotry characterizes it. They’re told that if you have racial feelings, you’re a bad person.

While political correctness should be squelched, most would agree that teaching kids to view every individual as a child of God deserving of dignity is a wonderful thing. But understand something: Within the context of man’s history and outside our bubble-wrapped world, it’s also a very unusual thing.

Hatred easily finds a place in the heart, and blaming “them” for our woes and travails is natural for man. Why do Palestinians often call Jews “apes and pigs”? Why do Hutus in Rwanda call the rival Tutsis “cockroaches”? Why have there been ethnic conflicts in all corners of the Earth since time immemorial? While I’m sure sociologists could wax somnolent rendering theses on the matter, the simple truth is that in most of the world what reigns is not political correctness, but group correctness.

This brings us to the black community. Race is not only a big issue within it, it’s a much different one. Most black children are raised not to revile their race, but revere it. Often, hatred toward whites isn’t lamented, but lauded as the attitude of a racial patriot toward “oppressors.” And just as anonymous Jews incur the stone-throwing wrath of anonymous Palestinians, a white man or woman on a bus or subway is not an innocent, but an enemy. Viewed through this prism, the persecution of such hapless souls is merely the exacting of vengeance.

Relevant here is comedian Chris Rock’s skit about how all black people hate whites, and the idea that behind every joke lies some truth. While the operative word is “some,” it amounts to many. Could it be otherwise? If for decades you do the racial politics dance – the Jackson-Jena Jig – where every real or perceived problem in the black community is attributed to “the Man,” black youths are going to be embittered.

This bitterness is reflected in and exacerbated by the bile disgorged by rap thugs. The song “Kill d’White People” by Apache includes the line: “Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt. …”

And the Menace Clan says in “Kill Whitey,” “Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long. …”

Despite this, we still labor under the illusion that white skin equates to a white sheet, and hate crime laws have become get-whitey laws. And the powers-that-be will continue to exercise double standards until they acknowledge the deep seeds of hatred sown by demagogues in black America.

I won’t hold my breath waiting, though. You see, you’re not supposed to say these things, and you’re a racist if you do. So, yes, I’m guilty. Just like O.J. Simpson is innocent.

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Selwyn Duke is a columnist who has been featured in the American Conservative magazine and is a regular guest on the Michael Savage show.

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