I still like Tom Tancredo for president.

I urged him to run when no other candidate was focusing on the way our country is being torn asunder by illegal immigration actively encouraged by the current occupant of the White House.

Though I have formally endorsed no candidate, I made no secret of the fact that my favorites are Tancredo and Rep. Duncan Hunter – both, admittedly, long shots to get the Republican nomination.

Bu I feel compelled to offer some more encouragement to Tancredo for his decision to boycott the recent Spanish-language debate. And he was the only candidate to do so.

Tancredo got it right.

“If they can’t understand the English language, then, of course, they shouldn’t be citizens,” Tancredo explained. “They shouldn’t be voting. And we shouldn’t be pandering to them.”

That’s what I like about Tancredo. Simple. Straightforward. To the point. He pulls no punches and he minces no words.

Tom Tancredo is right on all the major issues of the day, plus he has the added distinction of having led the fight in Washington for secure borders, a return to national sovereignty and against the kind of creeping internationalism that has characterized George W. Bush’s failed presidency.

Quite honestly, no other candidate running for president brings all these qualities to the table with the added distinction of fully comprehending the external threats we face as a nation from Islamo-fascism.

Many readers have asked where I stand on the candidates. I haven’t veered from my choice in 2006. Not a single vote has yet been cast by the American people in the 2008 presidential primary campaign. This is no time for people to get weak in the knees, to start compromising principles for pragmatism, for accommodations to what the pollsters tell us is possible and impossible.

Vote your conscience. Vote your principles. Don’t vote for the lesser of evils.

I believe if Americans took this advice, Tom Tancredo would win the nomination hands down. But, instead, too many of us accept the words of the experts who want to define for us what is politically possible.

If you agree with me and you agree with Tom, vote for him. Vote for him in Iowa. Vote for him in New Hampshire. Vote for him in South Carolina. Vote for him in all the primaries.

It’s votes that count, not polling numbers.

  • Do you want that fence built fast?

  • Do you think companies hiring illegal aliens should be punished?

  • Do you want to end all the giveaway programs that attract millions of illegal aliens?

  • Do you want to let our enemies know in advance there will be dire consequences for attacking us directly or through terrorist proxies?

  • Do you want to end our drift into the insanity of multiculturalism?

  • Do you want to scrap the income tax?

  • Do you want to cut federal government spending and programs?

  • Do you want to declare war on MS-13 and other dangerous organized criminal gangs in this country?

  • Do you want to end the scourge of abortion on demand?

  • Do you want to rein in activist judges abusing their authority?

  • Do you want to preserve and defend your God-given right to defend yourself and your Second Amendment-protected right to bear arms?

Do you want to vote for someone who speaks the truth?

We still have a chance.

Don’t accept less.

Tom Tancredo doesn’t hide his record. He doesn’t disguise what he believes. He doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t flip and flop. He doesn’t bend in the slightest breeze.

That’s why I urged him to run. And that’s why I would still cast my ballot today for Tom Tancredo.

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