Editor’s note: This week’s Letter of the Week was sent to Managing Editor David Kupelian in response to his column “Why so many Americans today are ‘mentally ill.'”

Twenty-five years ago, I thought that many of my peers, (Marine parents of children) were far too easygoing on letting their kids get drugged with psychiatric “medication.” A decade later, I finally recognized that they were not my peers – my education came from my own reading and work, while most of my “peers” got their education in school. I became active in trying to stop the onslaught of the easy drug solution.

Having lived through my two children reaching their 30s, I now realize that, conspiracy theories aside, the mis-education of my generation was deliberate. The reporting of drugs and their effects are entirely controlled by the government inspection process. The use of drugs to “fix problems” is a natural idea if one discards the notion of personal responsibility and accepts that some people just need to be drugged to get through life. I was angry that we, the people who noticed this happening, were not in the streets challenging “the movers and shakers,” to steal a phrase from “Cool Hand Luke,” but were being over ruled by elected and appointed bureaucrats because that was their purpose.

At that point, I realized our teachers, our politicians and those who feed both are full-hearted socialists, some because of socialism, others because they could not reason around what they were taught. Only drugs could pacify a part of the people that would never accept socialism and what it means to those who cannot conform.

It took me till I was about 40 to realize that not only did I get a better education than my peers (due primarily to dyslexia), but I got an entirely different education, because mine came out of books I read that were the foundation for education of two generations prior and contained only occasional glimpses of socialism – and most of those were not suggesting any good aspects of it.

I can’t help but believe that the drugging of as much as a quarter of our boys is an absolute necessity because they have a natural exuberance above the average, and they are such that they are loathe to respond positively to authority. They have been denied the only thing that gives one control over their life: the understanding of everything that happens to them as their fault, because we are a self-responsible people, and everything that can be done is their doing or work. When you take that away from most people, it means they work for others and sometimes daydream about being self-sufficient. When you do that to the natural boy, you remove the primary motive to assimilate into society, complete with natural strengths, which are positive, and natural weaknesses, which are a negative for society. In doing so, the boys of the strongest minds, those most active in the physical sense, and those most likely to question long-held beliefs are all either ostracized from society or are drugged into submission.

It was from these boys that our greatest leaders in war have come from. Those such as Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Nicola Tesla and even Dr. Livingstone are such boys who gained complete control over their personal lives by force of will.

Such people are dangerous to a society built upon pandering to the lowest common denominator, and they have been the first put in detention camps when tyrants take control. They are the ones that fight to their own death, to merely avoid being told what to do all the time, and they are the only hope of any nation or society because they have an innate drive that will push them to death before they will fall on their knees and beg for their lives.

In a society such as our own, they are equally dangerous, and because we have a “benign dictatorship of popular opinion,” they are drugged because we have not reached the point where their lives can be rationalized as we euthanize them.

The only society that can stand to allow such boys to grow as men are free societies where self-discipline is a virtue and reliance on others a vice. It is here they can produce and win, or try and fall short, to try and try again. Those are the only things that do seem to completely absorb their energy and make it a positive value. I think the primary focus of these mind-altering drugs are the boys who are “out of control,” not because they are crazy, but because they could have great things before them.

Once a society accepts the notion of socialism as the “greatest good,” all exceptional citizens are a direct and immediate threat. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy monger, I think this is no accident, but a confluence of ideas and events that have brought the people of this nation to the ideas espoused by the likes of Marx and Dewey, and taught them this is the pinnacle of man’s achievement. We’ve taken a long and underlying lie and made it appear to be a long lost truth.

Our current day is an easily recognized result of a long chain of events, most of which were deliberate, but all meant to bring us to “equality of outcome” and denying that we have equality of entry, as fulfilling our “endowed rights.” You can never pull the lowest end of anything to make things equal by bringing the bottom up. Equality of outcome is always made at “the lowest common denominator,” and this is so, not because of people or any aspect of people, but because it is a natural law, long recognized in mathematics. It is a simple matter of the laws governing “averages.” You can always rearrange the numbers, move them from one side of the equation to the other, but in the end, you must perform the mathematical processes to reduce it to its simplest form, and the mere fact that there are high numbers as well as low means it must be found at “the lowest common denominator.”

The real problem is people will not accept that natural laws rule our lives without any regard to our opinion or desires. I think you find this when you recognize an authority that is far superior to our own, and in that way recognize that natural law completely describes man’s interaction with the world, no matter what we wish.

Thanks again for a forum and venue. I see us standing on the same side when the final battle takes place. Too many of the prophecies have been fulfilled.


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