For Christmas, there are 10 things I most want:

  1. My loved ones (and fellow countrymen) to trust the Christ of Christmas for their salvation and destiny.

  2. Every child in America protected from the lethal weapons of abortion.

  3. Marriage between one wife and one husband protected from judges, state legislatures and textbook revisionists.

  4. A president who will appoint judges who fear God and will protect the innocent as well as marriage and our freedoms.

  5. A new Congress that won’t threaten our rights with The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA – thought crimes for the workplace), the “Unfairness Doctrine” and the Law of the Sea Treaty, which turns over the oceans and their riches to U.N. control along with the right to levy an international tax.

  6. Secure borders.

  7. A balanced budget to protect our future.

  8. A president, a Congress and an America who are willing to stand against the threat from radical Islam at home and abroad.

  9. A secure, undivided Israel.

  10. A secure United States of America – not a “North American Union.”

Most of you know by now that I personally have endorsed Gov. Mike Huckabee. I’m not writing a puff piece – in fact, quite the contrary. I believe that the governor and, frankly, all the candidates can benefit from critical input on the host of issues we care about. I support him because of all the “tier one” candidates, I believe he is the most solid on life and marriage – the two deal-breaker issues on which I won’t compromise.

Jerome Corsi and I had conversation after he was on my program recently, where I pointed out that Mike Huckabee answered the Values Voter Presidential Debate questions (more than 50 of them) 100 percent right – including the question on the North American Union. I told him that unless he had a better alternative, he should lay off attacking our best chance at getting what we want. He didn’t agree. Corsi said he would continue to raise concerns with every candidate across the board. And Corsi is right. We held our tongues far too much when our current president was losing his way, and as a result, he got off course.

Gov. Mitt Romney beat up on Gov. Huckabee for criticizing one of the president’s policies. Romney is wrong – constructive criticism, even of a friendly president, is necessary. I have loved this president, I voted for this president, but I think if more of us had spoken out on a host of issues, our president would have been far more likely to have stayed on course regarding such things as an undivided Israel, no amnesty for illegal aliens, building the fence, no surrender of the oceans to U.N. sovereignty and no North American Union.

Corsi wrote in yesterday’s WND, that Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project, “says his endorsement of Gov. Mike Huckabee is a conditional one – based on a tough understanding of the former governor’s ‘Secure America Plan’ to oust all illegal aliens, or put them behind bars.”

A conditional endorsement is a good idea. Reagan said it best: Trust but verify. A good plan, even with a friendly presidential candidate we trust. Because when that candidate becomes president, as I believe he will, we’re going to need for him to stay on course. Duncan Hunter as a vice president couldn’t hurt either.

I’ve been forthright about where the candidates stand on the critical issues. And to our allies, I’ve voiced my opinions without reservation behind closed doors. But you may have noticed that I haven’t really beaten up on some of our misguided pro-family friends. Why? Because, come February, we’re all going to be on the same team, anyway. And we’re going to need each other to win.

The final wish on my Christmas list is for unity in the pro-life and pro-family movement – and I’m already starting to see it. Look at the polls. And look at the unified effort that is emerging. People like John Stemberger, president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council, formerly a strong Fred Thompson supporter, who just joined the Huckabee team. More will follow. But that doesn’t mean that Huckabee, like all of us, won’t benefit from critical input and necessary advice.

My best advice for those reading who haven’t yet decided? First start with the non-negotiables: life and marriage. Don’t accept anything other than full protection of children from the courts to the Constitution. Same with marriage. That leaves you one “tier one” choice: Gov. Mike Huckabee. Once you have the basics, then feel free to work on the rest.

As Gov. Huckabee said in his latest ad, focus on what matters this Christmas – the celebration of the birth of Christ. Then, let’s work on that Christmas list.

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