With so much gloom and doom in the world, why not consider the alternative? Here’s an inspiring success story to lift your holiday spirits! My former acupuncturist Kerri Neubek of Pennsylvania and her businesswoman sister Patti of California, aka the ingenious “Sisters 2 Inc.,” have actually managed to achieve the dream of a lifetime – inventing and producing their own witty board games for women – a fabulous and fun diversion for those interminably long winter evenings.

Through their new company, GAMES FOR DAMES? – a planned “line of party games for adults of the female persuasion” – they’ve just released their first board game, “What’s a DAME to do?!?” – literally years in the making. They promise it’s quick to learn, simple to play and, yes, hilarious, too: “Requires female intuition and humor (not included).”!

Currently, they’re offering “What’s a DAME to do??!” for purchase – makes a great gift, dudes – through www.gamesfordames.com their own website, with plans to appear on selected retailers’ shelves in 2008. “Well, let’s see. So far,” Kerri catalogs, “it’s in a game store in Indiana, one in California and a wine shop in California, and a comic book store in Chicago … so we’re just starting [distribution]. Not in any chains yet, although [one’s] considering it. … I’m guessing our reps will start really showing the game in January for springtime buying. … And it will be at the N.Y. Toy Fair. So the game’s BRAND NEW! Kind of like getting in on a secret before it hits the shelves. Does that help?”


The intrepid duo’s success story, adapted from their website:

Meet the dames behind the games. Two sisters, Kerri and Patti, are the brains behind GAMES FOR DAMES? and their premier board game, “What’s a DAME to do?!?” Growing up in the Midwest but now living on opposite coasts, Patti’s a California wife, mother and businesswoman, while Pennsylvania acupuncturist Kerri’s a former art director for a women’s sportswear company.

The sisters come from a game-playing family – no one can beat their dad at Charades – and spent much of their childhood playing games, either existing ones or ones they made up. … They continued their gaming ways through college and beyond. One day while Kerri was visiting Patti, they found themselves in the mood for a good game but couldn’t find one that wasn’t strictly for kids, couples or keg parties. What they wanted was a game like their old favorites, a game just for females, but adult females. So they went ahead and created one.

[At first,] polite friends and family said the game was fun, but even Kerri and Patti found it pretty darn boring. So they went back to the drawing board quite a few times, [even incorporating suggestions from others] until one day they came up with what they believed would be a hit … because they couldn’t stop laughing and their mom stayed up playing it until 2 a.m.! That’s how “What’s a DAME to do?!?” was born … the first contemporary and fun board game just for dames, in their growing line of GAMES FOR DAMES?. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?


“Hey,” Kerri proudly e-mails an update, “We just got our first review on our game so thought I’d share it.”

From Toy Directory Monthly comes this abridged version of Alison Marek’s ecstatic assessment:

“What Is It? A circular board game for gal pals (age 18 and up), “What’s a DAME to Do?!?” (Price: $32) presents a player with a dilemma and the other players must guess how she’ll resolve it. The one who most often guesses the “correct” answers wins. …

What We Thought? After two rounds, we initially skeptical gals were convulsed with laughter, mascara’d tears and snot running down our faces. Not attractive, but that made it even funnier. …

Why They’ll Want It? “What’s a DAME to do?! ?” is an outrageously funny game reminding us all of those uncomfortable moments that require quick thinking and creative resolutions. It’s a great game for friends, enemies, co-workers, sisters, moms and great-grandmas. Any woman with a bit of “experience” can relate. Got problems, sorrows, embarrassments? “Make a game of it!” – That’s what they did at Sisters 2 Inc., and we three dames think it’s gonna be all right.

Once a week, Kerri Neubek still practices acupuncture near Doylestown, Pa., in a picturesque place called Plumsteadville. Besides being eternally grateful to her for saving my life, I’m endlessly impressed at her multitudinous array of amazing talents!

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