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Wiccan high priest rips WND

First off, I am not a subscriber to Whistleblower magazine. I read, with extreme interest, the article in brief on WND entitled “WITCHCRAFT IN AMERICA,” and I should like to comment on that particular article.

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Ivy, the doctorate being one in Divinities. Plus, I hold several “ministerial” credentials. In essence, I can perform any necessary religious ceremony that may be requested of me.

Furthermore, I ALSO hold the following degrees:

ADEPT of Khufu
10=1 Arch Mage Ipsissimus
Initiate of A.M.O.S.K.

The above degrees were awarded by various Egyptian “arts” organizations.

Furthermore, I ALSO hold a 3rd degree, by rite of initiation, as a lord high priest in the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca, or in “your” phrasing, “Witchcraft,” which I have probably held longer than you have been – and I use this term extremely loosely – “publishing.”

I have been an initiate, by rite, of Wicca since the mid ’70s, having received my initiations through association with various covens and under direct guidance by prominent high priestesses and high priests. I have performed those functions that would be associated with any minister of any other faith/denomination, and those functions are as equally “binding” as any of the other Christian denominations.

All that having been said, I now get to the crux of this letter. I take the “gravest” possible objection to your article, “WITCHCRAFT IN AMERICA”!

Not only is it extremely biased, but is so proliferated by untruths, falsehoods, etc., I can only imagine that you and your associates performed a little magic of your own to “conjure” up such a travesty of journalistic bigotry! That portion of your article that is available to preview through WND.com can only be the product of, pardon the expression, little minds who did no insightful research on the subject, nor spoke with any of the leading, and often times more public, high priestesses or high priests, much less spoke with any of the reputable leaders of the several schools of Wicca in just the United States alone.

If you had, you would have, if you were open-minded and receptive to being “informed,” discovered that Wicca is not such as you have presented. Rather, the religion more closely associated with the mountain of perversity, bigotry, hatred, child molestation by ministers and priests, sexual abuse by the same priests and ministers, and numerous other perversities mentioned daily in news sources across the nation is none other than “Christianity” itself!

Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of ignorance in associating Wicca with any form of Satanism! One could NOT be MORE wrong! Satanism is a “rebellion” against Christian belief structures, whatever denomination one should wish to choose. Wicca, on the other hand, is no such “rebellion.” In fact, those followers of Wicca strive to live in harmony with ALL life and faiths, from the saintly to the ignorant as well all animal life on this world!

I could go on and on with this diatribe, but I already “suspect” that you’ve made up your mind for the sole purpose of “sensationalism” and making money by propagating outright falsehoods, and have already “turned” your attention away from this letter before even reaching this point.

IF, and that’s a very big “if,” on the other hand, you recognize that your presentation regarding Wicca is lacking in validity and is heavily weighted with falsehoods and absolute inaccuracies against this “belief,” than, if you should wish, you may contact me or any nationally recognized leader of Wicca. I’m certain that every reasonable effort would be made to “correct” the absolutely horrid inaccuracies presented in the article that you published.

However, at the risk of offending you and your supposed “staff,” I doubt that you have the wherewithal and integrity to attempt any such contact, much less making an admittance to having presented an inaccurate “picture” of Wicca and making apologies for such offense.

I have, with no shortage of effort, endeavored to make a “composed” response. I doubt that, should you have presented such a biased article about ANY Christian faith, you would not have received such a “calm” and hopefully well-thought-out response.


Dr. Ivy

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