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We will choose the nominee

When I spoke at the WND “Take Back America Conference” Saturday, Joseph Farah introduced me by quoting my words to him prior to the Sept. 17 Values Voter Presidential Debate. Apparently, when I was talking him into moderating the debate, I told him that “the winner of this debate will be the nominee.” Farah admitted he didn’t believe it then, but the idea seems to be catching on – beginning with Iowans, where Mitt Romney’s millions couldn’t buy him the state.

Following Gov. Huckabee’s stunning victory, I watched Mitt Romney’s calculated response where he repeated the word “preacher” in interview after interview to describe the former Arkansas governor with more executive experience than any other candidate running. Interestingly, Romney ran from his “Bishop” status of the Mormon church where he served as lay “preacher” and “stake” president overseeing about a dozen Boston area parishes. In his “preacher” capacity, Romney “organized weekly church services and ministered to parishioners, offering spiritual guidance. … He heard confessions of sin and determined who is allowed to enter a Mormon temple.” Funny that you don’t hear Romney use the word “preacher” when referring to himself.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll ranks the Republican candidates nationally as follows:

Here’s my take on each of them:

Huckabee: The only top-tier guy we can count on to stand for a Human Life and Marriage Amendment.

McCain: Pushed “campaign finance reform” that would put a gag rule on citizen groups like Wisconsin Right to Life, who McCain sued when they suggested people actually contact their senators to let them know how they felt about the filibuster on judicial nominees. He was also one of the gang of 14 who kept the filibuster alive. He also voted against the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Rudy Giuliani: The most like Hillary, or “Hilliani:” for abortion on demand, and for two men getting “married.” We won’t beat Hillary with “Hillary light.”

Mitt Romney: Flipped on life, marriage, immigration, gun control, pornography and taxes. The only thing he hasn’t flipped on is special rights for homosexuals. He recently told “Meet the Press” that he supported state “ENDAs,” or Employment Non-discrimination Acts – special rights for homosexuals in the workplace. If you don’t agree, he’s for closing you down just like he did Catholic Charities of Boston who closed their doors rather than place orphan children in the homes of homosexual activists instead of with a mom and dad. On the same program, Tim Russert pointed out that Romney raised “fees” – the same thing as taxes – but Romney doesn’t see it that way. If you are still considering casting a vote for Romney, watch this.

And now Romney lost his lead in New Hampshire to McCain, with Huckabee, who wasn’t supposed to even compete there, currently ranking third. Here’s how things are expected to play out today with the Democrats: An average of the polls ranks: Obama: 36.9, Clinton: 29.1 and Edwards: 18.8. By the way, when watching the results, a fun game you can play at home is to count the political clich?s and the word “change” in Obama’s speeches.

Here’s my take on the Democratic front-runners:

Barack Hussein Obama: Nobody really knows just how radical this guy is. If a child survives an abortion, Obama won’t even protect them. Tell that to Theresa Ippoliti and Gianna Jessen – who survived their abortions – and were live born babies that Obama would simply not protect. In 2002, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act – (similar to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which passed the U.S. Senate unanimously by a voice vote) which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That makes him even more pro-death than the National Abortion Rights Action League, who didn’t oppose the bill.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: She won’t cry over the death of 50 million children. She won’t cry over the deaths on 9/11; she’ll only tear up when it looks like she’s going to lose in New Hampshire, as well as Iowa.

John Edwards: Don’t let the smile fool you; former National Abortion Rights Action League President Kate Michelman is working for this guy as a senior adviser.

I couldn’t really tell you who’s the most evil.

For the voters everywhere, Faith2Action has prepared a guide on the positions of the candidates of both parties. We’ve included their answers from speeches and debates, including our Values Voter Debate, on abortion, marriage, immigration, Islamofascism, the war in Iraq and the concerns about a North American Union.

These Values Voter reports can be found in the Call2Action section of Faith2Action. Here are the direct links: Republican and Democratic. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel has approved them for distribution, so pass them out at your church and to everyone else you know!

I said it before, I’ll say it again: Values Voters are going to determine the outcome of this election. Don’t believe me? Wait and see. One more prediction: With this election, we’re going to take back the Supreme Court of the United States, stop the killing of unborn children, protect the institution of marriage and regain our freedoms of speech and religion. We’re going to take back America. You heard it here first.