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Fast or relax: What's your choice?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last weekend and asked him what goals he set for 2008. His answer? “I want to relax more.” That was his goal for the year. So I cut him some slack; maybe he needs to relax more. Aiming for an achievement-orientated goal, I asked, “but what do you want to do in 2008?” He responded: “I want to do more things for myself.”

Nice. While they may not come out and say it, I think there are a lot of people with those same goals. Maybe even most people. I don’t think those people really take the time to read WorldNetDaily to become informed, however. That kind of thing takes effort.

I’ve shared some of my goals with you in previous columns. They include:

You’ve heard it said that 2008 is the year of breakthrough. How badly do you want to make sure of it? Badly enough to do what it takes?

I’ve just finished reading “Fasting, The Private Discipline that Brings Public Reward,” by Jentezen Franklin. When I heard him call for a fast while watching television, I flipped the channel. Yeah, yeah, I know about that. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that we did that – leading up to the Values Voter Presidential Debate last September. Seems like it paid off – CNN backed down and changed its debate scheduled for the same day, and we got a clear winner from the delegation: Gov. Mike Huckabee. Whether you agree with that selection as I do or not, the one thing we can all agree upon is that we want “God’s pick” to be nominating the next Supreme Court justice.

If there is something for which you have prayed and fasted that hasn’t yet happened, or some problem in your life that keeps reoccurring, there is something that I just learned that you may want to know.

In the book, Franklin discusses flies. Yeah, kind of weird, I know. He discussed how a couple was fasting for a woman who was considering adultery, and when they said her name out loud a swarm of flies “swept like a blanket across the water and onto the beach” at them. Beelzebub, as it turns out, means “lord of the flies.” And it just so happens that if you want to exterminate an infestation of flies from a crop, because of the reproductive cycle of the fly, you have to spray pesticides for 40 consecutive days to utterly destroy them. Jesus didn’t fast for 38 or 39 days – there may be an example in there for us.

Next week, on Jan. 22, we will have been killing children legally for 35 years with a body count of nearly 50 million innocent children. We have not been judged for that yet, and if something doesn’t happen soon, that judgment is coming – just like it was for Nineveh. But 40 days of fasting and prayer and repentance kept the Ninevites from the pronounced judgment they deserved.

If you want to see God’s pick for the election, a shift in the courts, an end to the slaughter and strongholds broken, join me tomorrow for a fast (from something) and let God know you’re serious. Then consider joining me for 39 more days – to ensure we’re doing more than just swatting flies.

I want this blight of abortion gone forever. And I want it now. If you agree, let God know that in a way that He said works.

Or you can just “relax more,” do “more things for yourself” and wait for the coming judgment.

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