Editor’s note: Kathleen Willey came to prominence in 1997 as part of the Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton after being subpoenaed to testify in the case.

Dear Sen. Obama:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Today I saw an e-mail sent out to your donors in which your wife states, “What we didn’t expect, at least not from our fellow Democrats, are the win-at-all cost tactics we’ve seen recently. We didn’t expect misleading accusations that willfully distort Barack’s record.”

Don’t be na?ve: When those “fellow Democrats” include Hillary Clinton, be ready to expect anything.

I know. As detailed in my recent book “Target,” I’ve been the recipient of just about every dirty trick Hillary has in her arsenal. And if you actually think that Hillary’s coming at you hard now, well, just wait.

Already, Hillary’s media minions have been working overtime to link you with political fixer Tony Rezko, while conveniently forgetting she ever met him. (Try searching “Obama Tony,” and see what you get.) And even though she was forced to pull ads in South Carolina quoting you as calling Republicans “the party of ideas” and suggesting you think those ideas superior to Democratic ones, you may rest assured that more negative advertising calling you a liar and worse is on the way.

See, because I had the nerve to tell the unvarnished truth about Bill Clinton the sexual predator, I’ve been called a liar by more so-called “journalists” than I can count. My every utterance has been parsed and examined, just like yours will be.

My advice: Turn the tables on Hillary and her media minions by telling the truth – about yourself and about her.

You’ll also find that Hillary’s operatives excel at accessing what you might think are private records, such as tax files – not just yours, but your friends and associates. Don’t think for a minute that she wouldn’t stoop so low! The Clintons have a long history of trying to intimidate opponents by first invading their personal records, and then releasing the information via their media enablers, naturally spun to reflect poorly on the person being attacked while Bill and Hillary stand there with “Who, me?” looks on their faces.

My advice: Make sure that your personal and tax records are secure. Also, get a shredder, and use it!

Then, of course, there’s the Clintons’ secret private-investigator army, which no doubt has already been deployed to counter the threat that you present. I know that army’s tactics well. They have threatened my children and my friend’s children. They’ve threatened and killed my pets. They’ve vandalized my car. They’ve entered my home and stolen my book manuscript. They’ve destroyed my peace of mind … just so Hillary Clinton can sleep easier.

My advice: Never assume that your home is a safe haven.

Hillary claims that her experience makes her the best qualified presidential candidate. Well, I’ve had plenty of experience with Hillary and Bill Clinton’s qualifications as the nation’s most ruthless political tag team, and I can’t imagine a worse scenario for the nation – or the world – than letting these two loose in the White House again. Which leads to my last piece of advice: Don’t let Hillary define you. Instead, define her as the worst possible choice to lead this nation. That’s one way to ensure voters that you, at least, are telling the truth.

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Kathleen Willey is author of “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton”. A popular commentator on current events, she lives in Virginia.

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