My wife and I sit alone in our apartment in Cairo, Egypt. We live here because we can afford to; we live here by choice.

Watching our country from the “outside” gives us both a clearer perspective of the America we once knew and the America of 2008. The America at the time of our marriage was a nation full of hope and promise. She was a nation with a strong Christian foundation laid by her founding fathers. Were there crimes and discord in the nation? Certainly! But it seems that the passion and vileness of such didn’t begin to approach what we see today. For one, the incarnate evil seemed to emerge in our country parallel to the decline in the integrity of the family unit and its subsequent lack of the discipline and training of the children.

Over the last half-century, we have observed the breakdown of America now seen as an object of disdain throughout the world. The breakdown is seen in the form of the mass killing of babies, the rise of the feminist movement overthrowing the role of the husband and men in general, relegating infants to day-care centers and nannies, greed and avarice dominating men and women to become selfish and self-centered beings rather than the responsible and caring people that children, friends and neighbors need. We have seen contributing to this societal breakdown the public school system as an ideologue bent on destroying our foundation, teachers and professors abandoning their professions to that of indoctrinators. This has resulted in a dumbing down of America and the production of a nation of sheep.

When we married, John F. Kennedy was about to be elected to the presidency of the U.S. His brief time in office elicited much in the way of immoral behavior, but the press was reticent to expose his behavior. Thirty-two years later, another Kennedy wannabe ascended to the White House and behaved in much the same way as his “mentor.” However, this time the press was in no mood to be as restrained as in the Kennedy era. The modern U.S. press, combined with radio and especially the Internet, has become a Pandora’s box releasing a hideous display of truths, half-truths, lies and shameless perversions.

In the midst of today’s America is a display of politics that has become a further shame to the once greatness of the nation. The people appear bewitched by an array of candidates who lie about the truth and who besmirch the character of the opponents to an unprecedented degree. It appears that the American people speak about issues to which the candidates merely give lip service. We see no official candidate on the horizon who shows any real care for the United States of our forefathers nor for the citizenry of our country. We are ashamed!

Our hope and prayer is that at some point, in the 11th hour of this presidential election year, a man will rise up who has a plan for America and all Americans. A man who places American concerns above any international political pressures and considerations. A man who will bring decency and honor back into the media, the classroom, the courts, business and society inclusively. A man who can help restore the foundation of our society, the family – showing the husband to be the lover of his wife, providing for her needs and the needs of the family and the wife to wear proudly the name of homemaker, wife and mother. This type of environment provides the very best opportunity for children to grow strong and healthy in every respect.

Let the electorate of America rise up! I dare all Americans to cast off the banner of Democrat and Republican and all other sectarian labels and look for a man who loves the ideals of America and will govern accordingly.

Michael and Camy Pridham

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