The mudslinging going on between the two main contenders for the Democrats’ nominee for the White House has shed so much blood already that many top Democrats are seeking to apply a tourniquet before it is too late.

The DNC is incensed with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and more specifically, with former President Bill Clinton. The former president’s tactics have offended even his most ardent admirers, forcing Hillary to go on TV to remind voters which Clinton is the one running for office.

At worst, some are hinting that the former president may be suffering from incipient megalomania. At normally Clinton-friendly CBS News, Dick Meyer wrote:

“Any notion that William Jefferson Clinton would not be prominent and influential in the potential administration of Hillary Rodham Clinton died of acute silliness in the mud pits of South Carolina last week. The man’s appetite for attention, politics, vindication and public love is both gargantuan and insatiable. Can you say, ‘compulsion’?”

Wow! If that’s what Clinton’s friends are saying …

The problem is Bill Clinton might cost Hillary the nomination, rather than allowing her to make it to the general election. I’m hardly a Clinton supporter, but for Hillary to lose the nomination now would be an American tragedy.

Hillary couldn’t win in the general election. (If Obama is the nominee, on the other hand, I’m not so sure.)

Let’s do a quick campaign commercial ammo check and you’ll see what I mean.

Bill can’t help but keep referring back to his 1992 campaign promise of “two for the price of one” – hinting that by electing Hillary, America would get Bill as a bonus.

In a speech to Hillary supporters in Denver, the former president and future first lady hopeful opened saying, “We’re ba-a-ack!” – before offering Hillary’s solution for global warming.

“We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren,” he explained.

The Fed has cut the prime interest rate twice in the last 10 days, Congress is feverishly working on an economic stimulus plan, the dollar is falling like a stone, and the U.S. economy is facing stagnation – yet the Clinton solution for global warming is to slow down the economy?

(How would you like to have that sound bite on file for use in the general election?)

Not to mention Hillary’s own White House resume, including such gems of political fodder as: “Billing-gate” (the Rose Law Firm billing records that went missing from 1994-1996); “Cattlegate” where Hillary turned $1,000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 in a matter of weeks; “Travelgate” where Hillary fired the entire White House Travel staff, gave their jobs to pals Henry and Susan Bloodworth Thomasson, and then lied about it; “Filegate” where Hillary was using FBI files against Clinton enemies, and then lied about it.

Hillary’s lawyer, Vince Foster, was later found dead in a Washington park of an apparent “suicide” in which he evidently shot himself in the head with the wrong hand before rolling himself up in a carpet.

(Foster then evidently unrolled himself and disposed of the carpet later in Marcy Park, before lying in the middle of a busy trail path where his body could be conveniently found by a hiker.)

Then there are all the Clinton campaign finance irregularities, the impeachment trial with all its juicy details, the nexus between Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham, the White House and the Marc Rich pardon, plus the whole “Pardongate” affair itself.

It would be a fascinating general election campaign – and it would all but guarantee a GOP win in November, no matter who the eventual GOP nominee might be.

(Hillary was almost defeated in an uncontested Michigan primary by a guy named “No Preference” who captured more than a third of the total votes cast).

Comparatively speaking, Barack Obama represents a much greater threat to the GOP’s effort to hold on to the Oval Office in November. Obama’s negative baggage is largely limited to his middle name (Hussein), the fact his father and stepfather were both Muslim, and that the pastor of his church is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

About all that’s left over to work with is his half-term Senate record, most of which has been spent running for president. (They can’t pick on his platform until somebody discovers what it is.)

I can’t imagine anybody I’d rather have facing whomever the GOP’s nominee might be than the Billary Clinton co-presidential campaign.

So that’s why I’m officially endorsing Hillary Clinton to be the Democrats’ nominee for the White House this year. (Here’s hoping that takes some of the sting away from Hillary after losing Teddy Kennedy to Obama.)

Best of luck with the nomination, Bill, er, Hillary, er, umm, (or whoever).

Hope to see you in November.


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