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Take the 2-minute test

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” – Deuteronomy 30:19

That’s what people in 24 states are going to do this week. Choose life or choose death. With life comes blessing, and well, when you choose death, there’s cursing ahead.

Before you vote, I challenge you to take the two-minute test. Actually, I dare you.

If you are a “Values Voter,” who, by definition, puts life and marriage at the top of the list of importance, I predict you cannot take the two-minute test and support either McCain or Romney. Don’t believe me? Read on for two minutes.

MINUTE 1: John McCain – a threat to life, speech and marriage

Watch the video:











Three critical issues: protecting life, protecting free speech, protecting marriage.

Sen. John McCain favors forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, which the National Right to Life Committee says “requires killing human embryos.”

McCain violated our free speech rights with the notorious McCain-Feingold Act, and personally sued Wisconsin Right to Life for communicating with their members prior to an election.

John McCain is one of only seven Republican senators who voted against the Marriage Protection Amendment supported by President Bush.

The homosexual Log Cabin Republicans call him a “Republican hero” for gays and lesbians.

And no wonder …

Chris Matthews asked: “Should gay marriage be allowed?”

McCain replied: “I think that gay marriage should be allowed if there’s a ceremony kind of thing if you want to call it that.”

George Stephanopolous asked: “Are you against civil unions for gay couples?”

McCain replied: “No, I am not.”

John McCain: Against protecting life. Against protecting free speech. Against protecting marriage.

MINUTE 2: Romney’s record

Watch the video:


Here’s the script of the video about which I wrote last week:

In the Florida debate, Governor Mitt Romney said:

“I can point to a very simple way to find out exactly where I stand, and that is look at my record as governor.”


As governor, Mitt Romney issued an executive order forcing justices of the peace to perform homosexual weddings, or resign. Then he ordered marriage licenses changed to read “party A” and “party B” – instead of “husband” and “wife.”

As governor, Romney appointed a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association to the bench, and appointed more Democrat judges than Republicans.

As governor, Romney authored and signed a mandatory heath insurance plan backed by Ted Kennedy – including taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

As governor, Romney overruled his own health department and forced Catholic hospitals to distribute the morning after abortion pill.

Homosexual marriage?

Tax-funded abortions?

Catholic hospital morning after pills?

Homosexual activist judges?

“Look at my record as governor.”

Forget the Pundits who are saying this is a two-man race. Two months ago Rudy Giuliani was the media darling – the “shoe in” for the Republican nomination. One month ago John McCain’s campaign was declared by the pundits as “dead on arrival.” Now Rudy Giuliani has just endorsed McCain.

McCain and Romney are calling each other a “liberal.” The fact of the matter is they’re both right. There’s only one conservative. Only one guy that stands for a human life amendment and a marriage protection amendment: Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has endorsed by the following:

Here’s the statement from the National Right to Life Committee:

National Right to Life is grateful for the strong pro-life record established by Mike Huckabee as governor of Arkansas, and recognizes that Governor Huckabee has taken the strongest pro-life position of any of the remaining candidates for president.”

And since Huckabee is the only candidate that would stand up for those at the other end of life, Terri Schiavo’s brother, Bobby Schindler, has endorsed him, as well.

Here’s the delegate score now: McCain: 93; Romney: 77; Huckabee: 40; Paul: 4.

More than 1,000 Republican delegates are up for grabs today. A total of 1,191 delegates are needed to win the Republican nomination at the national convention in Minnesota in September. It’s time to forget the pundits and the polls and tap into the Power.

You’ve taken the two-minute test; now take the two-hour test. Fast for two hours from the polls, the pundits and the papers. God is more powerful. Take Him at His word. Turn off the television and get on your knees.

When you pray, pray specifically for the people of the 21 states who are voting today:

  1. California (173 delegates)
  2. New York (101, winner take all)
  3. Georgia, (72)
  4. Illinois (70)
  5. Missouri (58, winner take all)
  6. Tennessee (55)
  7. Arizona (53, winner take all)
  8. New Jersey (52, winner take all)
  9. Alabama (48)
  10. Massachusetts (43)
  11. Connecticut (30, winner take all)
  12. Colorado (46)
  13. Minnesota (41)
  14. Oklahoma (41)
  15. Utah (36, winner take all)
  16. Arkansas (34)
  17. West Virginia (30)
  18. Alaska (29)
  19. North Dakota (26)
  20. Montana (25, winner take all)
  21. Delaware (18, winner take all)

And also pray specifically for those who’ll be voting on Saturday, Feb. 9:

  1. Louisiana (47)
  2. Washington (40)
  3. Kansas (39)

Pray specifically for God’s pick, and if you’re one of those in the 24 states, then pick the one who will most closely follow His word. It’s an open book test, but if you’re still not sure, Deuteronomy 30:19 comes right out with the answer: “Choose life.” If it’s not clear enough, that choice is Mike Huckabee.


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