In life I believe one needs to draw a line in the sand, saying this far and no further. If one engages in the regular practice of moving the line back because one chooses to “settle for the lesser of two evils,” where does it end? This is how I view my vote in the upcoming general election. My line is drawn, and it will not be redrawn.

I now hear the phrase “the big tent party” used to describe the Republicans. When did that happen? That is the Democrat canard used to rationalize lowering the moral standards of their party. It did not serve them well, and I believe it will bring doom to Republicans as well.

At what point does settling for the lesser of two evils result in selling one’s soul?

This far and no further! My line has been drawn and will not be moved.

Sen. McCain cannot represent my views because our disagreements are my fundamental principles. I do not “hate” the senator, but rather vehemently disagree with all but a small handful of his stated principles. (I also harbor doubts that he is as committed to his own stated principles.)

Democracies should not be viewed as winner-takes-all endeavors, but rather a battle of differing principles and ideals where only the “predominate party” prevails for all the governed. Hopefully, if my ideals are true, balanced and fair, the majority will accept them. However, it is folly to surrender one’s principles, one after another, simply to “win.” That path only guarantees an even bigger loss, namely the very principles for which we began the fight.

Politicians point to voter turnout and say, “I have a mandate.” Never do they say, “I have the most voters that settled.”

This far and no further! I will not let another politician falsely believe he has my support because he is not as distasteful as his opponent.

The line is drawn for me – this far and no further! If that means that Sen. Clinton becomes the POTUS, so be it. It also means I need to work harder to convince my fellow Americans of the righteousness of my ideals and principles.

I am a life-long conservative Democrat. I volunteered for military service in 1976, serving six years. I took an oath then that did not have an expiration date. I honor that oath today.

I am a so-called “Reagan Democrat” who did not “cut and run” from my party when the going got tough. I choose to stay and fight to help my party regain is former stature. I have been voting Republican because I choose the best for my country. This year I will not be represented in November.

I will continue to fight for my conservative ideals and principles. I owe this to our Founding Fathers, and my grandchildren.

Joseph Donne

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