Longtime liberal actress Susan Sarandon gushed about her support of Barack Obama, saying she definitely would vote for him for president.

Then she added the capper: “I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”

Way to go, Susan.

Unfortunately, she isn’t alone. Osama has turned into the pied piper of politics with thousands committing support and votes with no idea what he stands for.

He looks good, sounds good and says nothing.

For liberals, this election is exciting because it presents an opportunity – it means a vote for Hillary. She’s a Democrat, yes – and a Clinton, yes – but more importantly, she’s a she!

Liberals would give their right arm for a woman president.

If this were a card game, Hillary would be the queen of hearts.

For liberals, that’s enough.

Well, it was enough until a trump card was played. In this case, it was – dare I say it – the king of spades. Yes, like it or not, it wasn’t only a “king” but the race card – that politically touchy and dangerous game in Democrat politics.

Blacks have long been considered Democrat property. The party counts on the black vote regardless of the candidate. They never doubted that. Neither did Hillary as she campaigned the country pandering in word, voice inflection and accent to blacks.

She and her managers, to say nothing of husband Bill, a very white man who’s been called the first black president, assumed the black vote was a lock for Clinton. Just as they assumed they had a lock on the women’s vote.

Wrong. As returns and polls show, Hillary Clinton has been trounced by a new political face. What she and Bill thought would be an easy slide into the White House has turned into the political battle of their lives.

It’s even tougher because the new face belongs to a young candidate who’s captured voter imagination. It’s toughest because that young face is black – an attractive, educated, well-spoken and seemingly charismatic black man with a good-looking, talented wife and lovely children.

To make matters worse for the Clintons, Ted Sorenson, former speechwriter and adviser to John F. Kennedy, is on Obama’s team. He wants to recreate the Camelot image so it’s no surprise Obama’s speeches are ones of dreams and non-specific promises reinforced by the support of JFK’s daughter, Caroline, brother, Sen. Teddy, and niece, Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger.

It hasn’t hurt that mainstream liberal media love the idea of a black, Democrat candidate. They bought into his viability even though Obama has little political experience and no managerial or international accomplishment.

But media deal with those their usual way – they ignore them.

Here’s one.

I’ll bet you didn’t know Obama gave an interview to the French magazine Paris Match in which he said that once he’s elected president he’ll organize a summit meeting of the heads of state of Muslim countries for the purpose of bettering the U.S. world image.

Obama wants to “have an honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap … between Muslims and the West.”

He said he “will ask them to join us in battling terrorism, but we should be willing to listen to some of their concerns.”

He doesn’t say that to U.S. audiences.

Will he tell Muslims our main concern is radical Islamic terrorism that targets not only the United States but the Western world? Will he say the U.S. is dedicated to fighting terrorism? I doubt it.

I’m not alone in my concerns. It’s reported some Israeli security officials are concerned that Obama’s main foreign policy adviser is Robert Malley, who supports negotiations with and assistance to the terrorist group Hamas, is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.

Malley is affiliated with the International Crisis Group, which is partially funded by billionaire George Soros, who also donates to Obama’s campaign.

Who are Obama’s other supporters – financial and otherwise?

There are many questions about Obama’s association with indicted political fundraiser Antoin Rezko, who’s jailed, awaiting trial for shakedown schemes.

Thousands of dollars in campaign donations to Obama and real estate deals with and for him may be just the surface. Who’s investigating?

Interestingly, Rezko also donated to the campaigns and political committees of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who just happens to be a national co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. A picture of Hillary and Bill Clinton with Rezko has surfaced; they deny knowing him.

Then last week, a picture of Obama’s Houston campaign office showed a Cuban/Che Guevara flag front and center. Rather than denouncing the glorification of Castro’s chief executioner, the Obama campaign simply said it was “inappropriate” but didn’t demand its removal.

Why not?

Another story not reported is a Senate bill, supposedly authored by Obama, which was quickly and quietly approved by the House late last year and now is being rushed through the Senate with no committee hearings.

Presumably, its purpose is to have at least one piece of legislation authored by Obama but what is it?

Called the “Global Poverty Act,” it would force the United States to comply with the goals of the UN Millennium Summit and donate more than $845 billion, in addition to our current foreign aid for the purpose of ending global poverty. Essentially it’s a global UN tax on the U.S.

Where’s media coverage of this massive spending bill, especially since a popular presidential candidate sponsors it?

That’s exactly why there’s no coverage.

Media also avoid Obama’s religion. He was born a Muslim. According to Muslim beliefs, you cannot change religions. He claims to be a Christian. What does that mean? What are the ramifications? Some Muslims say he should defend Islam.

Americans have a right to ask and demand answers, given that the sworn enemy of this country is militant Islam. What influence it may have on a birthright Muslim president, regardless of what religion he claims to have now, is something that must be addressed.

It could be a matter of life and death – his, ours, and our country.

It’s that important.

Sorry, Obama, glibness and camera-friendly demeanor aren’t enough.

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