What is this country coming to?

While it is perfectly legal to kill unborn babies for any reason or no reason at all, soon it will be strictly against federal law to buy, sell or traffic in incandescent light bulbs.

I have a problem with this.

The deaths of tens of millions of American children since 1973 have been justified on the basis of “choice.” Activists for abortion on demand say they don’t necessarily justify the moral decision to kill unwanted, pre-born children, but they believe every mother has a right to make that “choice” for herself. They’re not pro-abortion, they say. They are “pro-choice.”

Of course, I’m pro-choice, too. I think women who don’t want children should do everything in their power to avoid pregnancy – up to and including becoming abstinent. That is the proper way to exercise “choice” about children.

Choice ends, however, when the life of another human being enters the picture. Just as I don’t have the right to choose to kill another human being who inconveniences me, no mother has the right to kill her unborn child because he or she inconveniences her.

Except in the extremely rare instance when a rape results in a pregnancy, women make their choices when they have sex. But even in those extremely rare instances when rape is involved, the crime hardly justifies the murder of another innocent human being.

But enough about abortion. I don’t want to talk about abortion today. I want to talk about light bulbs.

Because my right to choose is being taken away from me – and so is yours.

Did you know the congressional busybodies in Washington have actually passed a law that will ban the sale and possession of incandescent light bulbs a few years from now?

It’s still hard for me to believe.

I’ve written extensively about this – probably more than anyone else in the media.

And I’m not done.

This issue is bigger than light bulbs.

It’s about freedom. It’s about liberty. It’s about choice. It’s about the Constitution. It’s about America and free enterprise and everything that makes this country unique and special in the world.

I’ve been on something of a campaign on this issue. And the campaign will continue until someone finally turns out all the incandescent lights in America.

I hope others see the importance of this issue. If the federal government can take away your incandescent light bulbs, is there anything the federal government can’t take away from you?

So, beginning today, I’d like to enlist you in this personal cause.

If you agree with me that banning the incandescent light bulb is one of the most idiotic and unconstitutional ideas yet, here’s the way we begin fighting back.

Join my campaign for choice in light bulbs.

Here’s how it works: There’s no organization. There’s no leadership. There are no dues. There’s no mailing list. All you have to do to make a difference is buy this new magnetic bumper sticker and put it on your car(s) and truck(s). They’re inexpensive and they won’t mess up your auto. Magnetic bumper stickers can be taken off easily for washing – or when we win our victory!

Is that simple enough?

I believe this campaign can raise consciousness across this country about the federal government’s insidious plans to seize our beloved incandescent light bulbs.

I don’t want CFLs. And I sure don’t want to be told by Washington that I have to use them – that I have no choice.

Let me say, I’ve taken most of the risk here. I’ve manufactured the bumper stickers. I’ve done the heavy lifting, as they say. All you have to do to join this freedom campaign is invest $6.

Are you with me?

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