About a month ago while shopping at the grocery store, my 2-year-old daughter had a strange neurological reaction as she stood near the freezers in the frozen food section in front of the glass-encased doors. She was staring at the floor with her little arms up a bit and whimpering about falling down. I thought she must have spun around and I didn’t notice, so I told her that she would be fine and to come over to me. She was standing just a few feet away in front of the cart on the other side of me. She wouldn’t come after I repeatedly tried to reassure her, so I walked over to her to see what she was staring at on the floor, because she was saying that she was about to fall down because the floor was moving.

I stood next to her and looked down and for half a second I felt woozy, and it looked like the blue painted patterns on the floor were moving! It freaked me out. I got real still and listened and all I could hear was the loud humming of the freezers and thought maybe the electro-magnetic field must be strong in that area. I then looked up to see what could possibly make the floor appear to be moving, and all I could see was a light blue haze around the fluorescent lights overhead. I couldn’t even make out the ceiling because of the haze. I later figured that the UV rays from the fluorescent lights inside the freezer and the UV rays from the fluorescent lights overhead weren’t meshing right frequency-wise, or maybe one or the other or both were malfunctioning.

I picked her up and we headed to the cash register. I noticed that there weren’t any painted patterns on the floor near the register, so I put her down when it was time to pay and told her to stand next to her brothers. They were in front of the bagging area next to the cart. She stood for a few seconds and started crying again: “Bout to fall down, bout to fall down!” – so I told my 9-year-old son to pick her up. He kept asking me what was wrong with her, and I whispered to him that she was dizzy and just to hold her till I finished paying. After I paid for our groceries, I grabbed my daughter, and we quickly left the store.

The whole experience was so weird. After I came home, I scroogled, “fluorescent lights dizziness big box stores,” and was amazed at what I discovered. Apparently, there are many people who cannot tolerate these type of lights. Special tinted sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats and clothing to cover every area of skin is recommended for people who become sick due to fluro lighting. I learned that many people are affected by fluorescent lighting just like my daughter was that evening, and I briefly was, with acute vertigo and disorientation.

Many people also suffer with panic-anxiety attacks, nausea, extreme fatigue, brain fog,and general ill feelings after being exposed to fluorescent lighting. I recently learned of studies proving how school children perform poorer and have more behavioral problems in classrooms lit by fluorescent light and no natural sunlight and that the rate of depression, suicide and cancer go up when people are exposed to constant fluorescents.

I learned about tens of thousands of premature babies in the U.S. and throughout the world blinded by retinal detachment after being exposed to constant fluorescent lighting in hospital nurseries when that type of lighting was first introduced and mass marketed in hospitals worldwide.

I learned that fluro lighting has been implicated in the epidemic of adult-onset blindness caused by macular degeneration as the first generation of people growing up under fluorescent lighting matures.

I learned that 24-hours of exposure to fluorescent lights produces chromosomal damage to otherwise healthy cells.

I have also learned that some businesses are beginning to understand the health hazards associated with fluorescent lighting and are restructuring ceiling angles and heights and painting their ceilings black to help absorb the harmful rays emitted by fluorescent lights.

I had read in the past that fluorescent lighting triggers migraine headaches for those who suffer from migraines, triggers seizures in epileptics and causes rashes for people with certain skin disorders, but I never looked into it further because, honestly, I thought it sounded odd and a bit out there. Plus no one in my family suffers from any of those ailments, so I never thought much of it, especially considering how much CFLs are being promoted, energy-conservation wise, and how regular incandescent bulbs are now portrayed as an environmental no-no. I thought surely our government would not ban a good light source and order its citizens to use harmful light sources instead in the near future to help “save the planet”!

Mrs. Porterfield

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