Released Feb. 25, and questioning more than 35,000 citizens, the “American Religious Landscape Survey 2007” indicates that the nation’s Protestant majority is in a death spiral. According to the Christian Examiner, the religious majority “in place since the colonial era, has dropped to 51.3 percent and will soon become a minority.” In addition, although Christianity is unique in embracing absolute truth, 91 percent of students from evangelical churches believe truth is what you make it.

Moving rapidly to fill this void, leftist ideologues are infecting public schools and colleges with their own godless worldview, capitalizing on the “opportunity” Christian pastors and parents have provided. It is clear that America’s religious and political landscape is changing due to spiritual apathy, and nowhere is this more obvious than when Christian parents place their children into secular institutions for their education.

While we face many real threats from outside our country, the radical transformation of our youth through an anti-Christian, tax-funded, socialist education system threatens to rot our country from within.

There is a good reason Karl Marx exhibited a keen appreciation for public schools in his “Communist Manifesto.”

Most parents believe they are in charge of their public schools, but Texas Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon summed it up by saying, “Parents give up their rights when they drop [their] children off at public school.” Secular universities are quick to remind parents that, even though they may be paying the college bill, they no longer have any right to knowledge about their older children while their young people are on college property. For instance, parents would never be notified if their child received an abortion or STD treatment.

In public elementary and secondary schools across America, students are taught that life evolved from nothing. Sex at any age, with either male or female, is encouraged. Christian students are shamed for their faith, while followers of other religions are exalted. America’s true history is twisted beyond recognition.

And should we expect humanist colleges to be any better? After all, a college education is esteemed one of the highest achievements in life, even if it reeks of secular sewage.

The Washington Post cited a major survey of college faculty, finding that 84 percent of professors favor abortion; 67 percent accept homosexuality as a valid lifestyle and 65 percent embrace the ideals of socialists and communists.

The Bible, embraced by Christians the world over, proclaims that a child becomes like his teacher when he grows up. Yet, millions give their children over to humanist teachers in schools. In 1934 communist dictator Joseph Stalin put it another way: “Education is a weapon, whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

What other ill effects are evident from the farming out of Christian children to secular fundamentalist forces?

Considering that voter registration among younger people is sharply up this year, could it be that Barack Hussein Obama’s rising popularity is one indicator of government education’s brainwashing success? With voters younger than age 25 offering him the highest margin of victory, record numbers of young people helped push Obama 20,000 votes ahead of competitors in the Iowa Caucus. Increased leftist political activity on college campuses is powering an unprecedented surge of students to voter registration booths.

This year could be a turning point in America as young people, excited about a candidate supporting partial-birth abortion and the dehydration death of Terri Schiavo, come out in droves to support Obama for the highest public office in the world.

Or … this year could spark a revolution marking a more dynamic spiritual change as Christian parents take their country back by pulling their children out of the socialist indoctrination centers mistakenly called “public” schools.

During the War of Independence, ministers led their congregations in the charge to create a separate nation. Standing behind pulpits in black robes, these men were called the “Black Regiment” by British sympathizers. They boldly preached truth and instilled courage in their flocks, knowing they would ultimately answer to God.

As Rev. Wayne C. Sedlak pinpointed in a commentary, the Black Regiment, comprised of American Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Baptist clergy, “was responsible for providing the conviction and wisdom necessary for winning a war against the cruelty of an unjust government.”

What America needs at this very hour is the rising up of another “Black Regiment” in our pulpits sounding the battle cry to declare independence from a government school system that is assuredly destroying our freedom.

Ron Gleason, church pastor and chairman of California Exodus, urges churches to support parents in providing Christian education for their own children. He encourages pastors everywhere to do their duty when he says, “Our children … are entrusted to us by God. He’s entrusting them into our hands.”

Take them back. For God’s sake, do your duty and bring the children back to the Lord.


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Olivia St. John is a freelance writer with almost 20 years of experience as a home educator. Her work has been featured in several online publications, and she is currently working on a book promoting home education.

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