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The conservative movement's new leader

What I love about Joseph Farah is that he’s a trailblazer, changing the way America gets its news. He’s also big enough to admit when he’s wrong. During a break on my radio program back in the fall, he said, “You’re really out there on a limb with Mike Huckabee.” Later, when introducing me at his WorldNetDaily Taking America Back conference, he admitted that Huckabee went much further than he ever expected.

I predict he will go much further still.

But now, as much as I hate to, I must disagree with my friend Joseph Farah once again. Yesterday he wrote: “But Bill Buckley is gone. And so, in my opinion, is the conservative movement.”

Yes, Bill Buckley was a true conservative leader. We will miss him as we miss Reagan. But no, the conservative movement is far from dead. It’s just had some of its pseudo-conservative “dead weight” removed.

As a gentleman on the campaign trail summarized, “this election has showed me the leaders I can trust.” He’s right. There’s a sifting going on, and the conservative movement is still being sifted as those who clamor for last-minute political favor have endorsed the candidate who stands for LESS of what they say they believe. People we trusted. People we loved. But as I’ve told Gov. Huckabee repeatedly as leader after leader turned their back on the only guy who embraced their beliefs: “God can do this without them.”

I happen to know that God’s specialty is the remnant. Just ask Gideon. His troops were pared down to 300 from 30,000 just so everyone would know the victory came from God. And so it is with Gov. Huckabee. Most campaigns had more of a staff entourage traveling with them than Huckabee had staff. They spent millions to his thousands while volunteers copied Huckabee signs and leaflets at their own expense. And yet he’s one of the last two standing.

They had the “conservative talk show hosts,” the national groups and national “leaders” who from this point forward will be seen for what they really do: follow.

I have another prediction. I predict that the new conservative movement, with its dead weight gone, will be leaner, faster, stronger and even more effective. And the new leader of the conservative movement is not a refabricated liberal activist named Mitt Romney. Nor is it the “No Free Speech Czar,” John (can I find a liberal Democrat to co-sponsor something?) McCain.

The last man standing as the leader of the heart of the Republican Party is Gov. Mike Huckabee. He’s the only candidate who stands for the Human Life Amendment and Marriage Protection Amendment – which just got even more important.

The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in San Francisco today and decide whether the state’s definition of marriage will remain between a man and a woman or whether they will undermine and redefine marriage to include the union of two men and two women. Are you starting to see why we need marriage protected nationally? John McCain won’t do it. Neither will Obama or Clinton. If California activist judges redefine marriage, Mike Huckabee is the only guy who will stand against them.

What you may not know is that Huckabee is also for less government and lower taxes. Despite what the pundits and Romney-funded hit men told you, in Arkansas, Huckabee cut taxes and fees almost 100 times, saving the taxpayers nearly $380 million – not bad for having to work with a Democratic legislature.

Huckabee is also for building that fence and securing our borders. Are you listening, Texas? Just ask Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist or Rep. Duncan Hunter, who have both endorsed him. McCain was the guy fighting for blanket amnesty – remember? And Ohio? Your jobs will be much safer in a Huckabee administration because beyond free trade, Huckabee’s for fair trade and a level playing field. He doesn’t like that a table made in the United States starts off with a 22 percent imbedded tax disadvantage, while the Chinese table made with slave labor gets a “leg up,” so to speak, free and clear.

There’s a reason why John McCain was more interested in serving BBQ with the media in Arizona instead of debating the issues. Not only does he not want his positions on life, marriage and free speech to become known, he doesn’t want the people of Texas and Ohio to hear about where he stands on two people named Joshua and Terri.

Joshua Hubbard: He’s the toddler Gov. Huckabee held in Ohio last week while Janet Huckabee held his little sister, Rachel; both are former frozen embryos. See Joshua’s question to Sen. McCain: “What about me?” and all the children just like them who have not yet been adopted. To discard them is like going to an orphanage and saying, “Hey, little Johnnie, it doesn’t look like you’re going to be adopted pal, so we’re going to just rip out your organs for other kids who need them, OK?” Absurd. All human life is valuable. And Mike Huckabee is the only one who “gets” that.

Terri Schiavo: Obama says helping her was his one great “regret” in life. He wishes he could go back in time and have a hand in starving a disabled women to death. Nice. But so does John McCain. Take a look at what he told Esquire (August 2006) and re-run Feb. 21, 2008:

“I understand the frustrations a lot of Republicans feel,” McCain says. “We’re not representing their hopes and dreams and aspirations. We worry about Ms. Schiavo before we worry about balancing the budget.”

As Bobby Schindler said on my radio program last week, “What about the hopes and dreams of my sister (Terri Schiavo)?” Wasn’t Barack’s book about hope? Just not for the disabled, apparently. The audacity. And do we really want a candidate who thinks the budget is more important than human life? I don’t. Huckabee stands for “the least” of us, and he’s the only one.

I support Mike Huckabee for one more reason: The future of the conservative movement. I’ve been to the Republican conventions fighting for the pro-life plank in the platform. I can assure you we weren’t doing it to prove a point. It wasn’t to win a game of semantics. And Gov. Mike Huckabee alone stands with us on principle – not with those who fall for political expediency.

Texas? Ohio? Choose life today and show the world the conservative movement is not dead … just free from all the dead weight.

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