An unsure result in the war on terror. Fuel prices going through the roof. The mortgage industry in a state of … what? And the government is taking up valuable time banning incandescent light bulbs.

Well, here’s your chance to sound off on your government in action: WorldNetDaily’s newest Forum lets you tell Washington just what it should be doing.

Congress indeed has passed and President Bush has signed a bill banning the sale of such bulbs by 2012, despite evidence that the replacements contain mercury and could pose significant health risks, as well as increased expense.

“Do you agree with WND chief Joseph Farah that this is ‘one of the most blatantly unconstitutional and amazingly stupid congressional acts of my lifetime,’ or do you think phasing out Edison’s invention is a good way to save energy and reduce carbon emissions in the land?” is how the forum’s question is phrased.

Already, “maytag1” has raised a few concerns about the potential nationwide conversion to new bulbs:

“With the ban on incandescent bulbs, what should I use in closets and in the pantry, where the bulb is only on for a short time, which kills CFLs in short order?” “maytag1” asked. “What do I use in the refrigerator and freezer, where cold temperatures will prevent a CFL from lighting, but not stop the surge of power as the starter tries in vain to light it? What do I use in the oven, where the high heat will melt the plastic base of a CFL?

“This ban is short sighted and out of touch with reality.”

Continued the forum participant: “Don’t Congress got better things to do … how about helping us with the price of oil and gas? What about … jobs, helping the sick … illegals … Where can I get a job in Congress, doing nothing, getting the best of everything…”

Added “spaceman,” “The mercury light bulb is just one more crazy idea with will prove disastrous in the long run.”

And “Joy” said, “This is what we pay these people to do? I’d rather see them take a long vacation … like forever.”

Let the debate begin!

And while you’re at, check out and offer a suggestion to the Operations Spike Forum, newly updated for 2008.

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These are the stories that are ignored or glossed over by all but a few news agencies, stories that deserve far more attention than they are getting. One recent post there, by “erniedavidson,” had the makings of every editor’s dream: content, controversy and brevity. That posting? “Ron Paul.”

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