“U.S. Americans” became a national catchphrase
after WND broke the story of a teen beauty pageant contestant whose bizarre,
geographically challenged answer was the focus of millions for weeks after her
meltdown on national TV.

It took nearly a decade, but Internet giant Google
finally honored Veterans Day
with a special holiday design for its famous logo. 
WND blew the covers off Paris Hilton’s past,
exposing her background as a wobbly teenage hockey player who was asked to leave
her New England boarding school for calling limousines to depart campus at will.
President Bush commemorated America’s 400th
anniversary during a ceremony at the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia, but made
no specific mention of the Christian faith, the spread of which was the primary
purpose for creation of the settlement.
A retired Air Force pilot sparked a national UFO
frenzy when he photographed bright, colorful lights hovering in skies over
western Arkansas. “I believe these lights were not of this world, and I feel a
duty and responsibility to come forward,” Col. Brian Fields said. http://wnd.com/index.php?pageId=39744
A week after WND broke the story of the mysterious
lights, it exclusively reported how the Air Force took responsibility, claiming
the lights were from parachute flares used to help train pilots for nighttime

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