It doesn’t really matter how “honored” Mitt Romney would be to be chosen as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, because if Sen. McCain wants to be president, he won’t pick Romney. In fact, the very best way to lose the White House is to pick Mitt Romney for vice president. Here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Mitt Romney did two “post conversion” things the Clintons and Obamas only dream about:

    a. He ORDERED homosexual marriage, and

    b. He made abortion a tax-funded “health care benefit” in his state mandated socialized medicine plan.

  2. On life and marriage, there is no one worse than Mitt Romney.

  3. He’s billed as “Mr. Money,” but he had to loan himself millions because he couldn’t raise enough to run. Romney outspent Mike Huckabee by about 20 to one. If you want to spend 20 times more than you would if you picked Gov. Huckabee, Romney’s your guy. According to the Los Angeles Times, he spent $98 million dollars ($42.3 million of his own money) and only won three primaries: Utah, Massachusetts and Michigan – his three “home” states.

    In a cost/delegate analysis, there is no one worse than Mitt Romney.

  4. According to Rasmussen, Romney has “the least core support” and “the most core opposition of all the leading candidates, Republican or Democrat.” Nearly half of Americans, 47 percent, find Romney so politically repugnant that they say they will vote against him “no matter who else is on the ballot.” Gallup Guru put it this way: “Romney is the ‘only candidate with a more negative than positive ratio.'”

    When it comes to popular support, there is no one worse than Mitt Romney.

  5. The one who attacked John McCain in the campaign the most was none other than Mitt Romney. If you want a guy that will attack you in an effort to get ahead, Romney’s your pick. McCain’s response to that attack is seen on video, speaking of “One of a number of [Romney’s] attacks.” McCain himself points out: “As we’ve gone up in the polls the attacks have grown more … hysterical.” By the way, it was Huckabee during the race who defended McCain, calling him a “true … American hero” and calling the Romney attack “desperate and dishonest.”

    When it comes to a record of personal attack against Sen. McCain, there is no one worse than Mitt Romney.

If you want to lose, there is a sure fire way to do that: Pick Mitt Romney or someone else who can’t be trusted to defend the right to life and the institution of marriage. Someone who can’t be trusted, period. As the Myths of Mitt Romney point out, Romney has trouble with the truth. Here are a few that have been documented:

  1. Romney said his father marched with Martin Luther King Jr. He didn’t.
  2. Romney said he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. He didn’t.
  3. Romney said: “I have a gun of my own.” He doesn’t.
  4. Romney said he was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. He wasn’t.
  5. Romney said he’s been a hunter “all my life.” Well, he hunted exactly “Twice.” Once every forty years. In fact, according to public officials in four states where Romney lived, he never took out a license.

Not only did he flip on every major social issue just before running for president, he wasn’t even honest about it: Romney said both: “I wasn’t pro-choice.” and “I was pro-choice.”

According to Rasmussen, the candidate of either party with the least hard-core opposition among American voters besides John McCain (at 33 percent) is …Gov. Mike Huckabee (at 34 percent). Rasmussen reports the only candidate (of either party) with as much hard-core opposition from American voters as Romney is Hillary Clinton (tied at 47 percent).

The numbers don’t lie. Sen. McCain, there is one sure-fire way to lose the White House: Pick Mitt Romney.

I’m not telling you whom to pick, but if you want the vice presidential candidate who in addition to winning the “must win” states in the primary, who has the best cost/vote ratio, who has proven he can energize the base of the party, who defended (not attacked) you even before you won the nomination, who is honest, consistent and according to Rasmussen, has the least opposition among American voters, Mike Huckabee is your guy.

Ask him, I’m sure he would be honored to be your vice president, and I’m sure millions more would be honored to vote for you if you do.

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