Draw a cartoon or produce a film that exposes radical Islam as violent and just sit back and wait to be proven right.

Similarly, expose the homosexual agenda of intimidation and brace yourself for the flood of hate speech, death threats and, well, intimidation.

Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern knows all about it. She gave a speech on it recently where she said:

What they’re trying to do is send a message of intimidation to those people who are taking a stand for traditional marriage and against the homosexual lifestyle. They want to silence us, is what they want to do. And it’s happening all over the state. You know, the very fact that I’m talking to you like this, here today, puts me in jeopardy. OK, and so, so be it.

And now with more than 30,000 e-mails, the homosexual lobby has proven her right. Here’s a sample of their “respect and tolerance:”

  • YOU NAZI FREAK!!!! …YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a bigoted moron you are … a hate-filled, lying idiot. You would have made a great Nazi if you’d only have been born earlier.
  • I heard what you said and you should be killed you stupid c—- b—-! along with George W. Bush! Christianity is the cancer in our society and should be eliminated!
  • YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBIC DIPSH– YOU F—ING C— DIE. You’re a horrible person who deserves to burn in hell.

That was the nicest thing this guy said. If I dashed out the obscenities in the rest, there wouldn’t be anything left except this: “… you stupid dyke.” Now if we said that, we’d be facing charges of “hate speech.”

Here’s another gem:

Please, go kill yourself.

These were the “nice ones”; the others prompted the Department of Public Safety to assign Rep. Sally Kern a bodyguard.

Ellen DeGeneres joined in the ridicule when she tried to call Kern on her show. Instead of bothering Rep. Kern, perhaps DeGeneres would care to contact the thousands in the homosexual community whose vulgar comments threatened Kern’s life.

Look, the 76 percent of Oklahomans who agreed with Sally when they voted to protect marriage between a man and a woman understand that if the battle to save marriage is lost, we will have lost the foundation of our civilization. That’s why Rep. Kern said this agenda is the “biggest threat … that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat.”

Now the Muslim community wants an apology, too. No kidding.

Then Ellen and her audience laughed at Rep. Kern’s words regarding the indoctrination of our young:

Because what’s happening now, they’re going after, in schools, 2-year-olds. You know what, they’re trying to get early childhood education. They want to get our young children into the government schools so they can indoctrinate them. I taught school for close to 20 years and we’re not teaching facts and knowledge any more, folks; we’re teaching indoctrination.

Read what the homosexual activists have to say, and it’s not quite so funny. Co-producer of “It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School” Debra Chasnoff stated: “What’s clear in the film is that the younger the kids, the more open they were. If we could start doing this kind of education in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, we’d have a better education.” Better, uh, homosexual indoctrination, that is.

Why does this matter? As I wrote about in “The Criminalization of Christianity,” the numbers speak for themselves: According to Time magazine, 18 percent of teens in San Francisco either claim to be homosexual or are “questioning” their sexual orientation. In the most pro-homosexual arena in the country, nearly 20 percent claim to be homosexual or “questioning” compared to the national average, which is as low as 1 to 3 percent of all teens. What you teach children impacts what they think. Duh.

But now the junior brainwashing books have moved beyond Heather and her “two mommies,” “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Gloria Goes to Gay Pride.” Now there are over 100 of them literally ranging from A (“Amy Asks a Question: Grandma, What’s a Lesbian?”) to Z (“Zack’s Story: Growing up with Same-sex Parents”). The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of Colorado recommends 91 of them.

All leading to a lifestyle that puts our kids at risk:

As I wrote about in “The Criminalization of Christianity,” we don’t have smoking sections in the high school cafeteria and don’t read about “Heather’s Two Cigarettes” in elementary school because smoking is downright bad for you. What people don’t seem to grasp is that homosexual behavior is even worse – up to three times more dangerous than smoking.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal (Jan. 11, 2000) said, “Among young gay and bisexual men in Vancouver, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has reduced life expectancy by up to 20 years.”

According to the New England Journal of Medicine (Feb. 12, 1998), smoking, on the other hand, reduces your life expectancy “7.3 years for men and 6.0 years for women.”

Homosexuality is three times more dangerous than smoking. Think about that when they insist on teaching it to your children. And that doesn’t even touch the other life-threatening risks ranging from hepatitis to fatal rectal cancer.

Apparently, it’s having somewhat of a negative impact abroad, as well. We just sent $15 billion of our tax dollars to Africa to fight HIV and AIDS over there. Yep. What we need is more behavior that leads to this. I wonder if they’ll reveal to the kindergarteners that Daddy’s roommate has AIDS?

My favorite part of Kern’s speech was:

If you’ve never read, here’s another book, “The Criminalization of Christianity” by Janet Folger. Every Christian ought to read that book, “The Criminalization of Christianity.” It is an awesome book, and if that doesn’t scare you and motivate you, something’s wrong.

An agenda of intimidation seeking to silence all who dare oppose it. Ask Anita Bryant. Ask Sally Kern. If you don’t believe them, just watch a while longer.

If you want to stand with Rep. Kern, make a donation of at least $33 for an ad to support and defend her freedom to speak the truth at the Faith2Action website.

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