It’s one of the most remarkable and eye-opening books of our time – featuring a courageous journalist (who happens to be an Orthodox Jew) who regularly enters the viper’s den of Islamic terrorists and boldly interviews them in a way no other journalist dares – and TODAY ONLY the acclaimed “Schmoozing with Terrorists” is available to WND readers for only $4.95 – a $21 discount from the normal $25.95 price!

WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein is famous for directly confronting top terrorists in the Middle East and interviewing them in-depth. Indeed, as talk radio legend G. Gordon Liddy has said, Klein – whom Liddy calls “the most accurate, talented reporter in the Middle East” – has “better access to the terrorist bad guys than Muhammad would if he came back from the dead.”

In “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” Klein interviews, face-to-face and eyeball-to-eyeball, top terror leaders in the Middle East.

But how can this be? Notorious jihadist leaders sounding off about U.S. politicians and offering their election picks for the 2008 presidential race? Aspiring Palestinian suicide bombers drinking tea with a proud Jew? Terrorists dishing U.S. celebrities?

It’s true, and it all happens in “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” subtitled “From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists Reveal their Global Plans – To a Jew!”

What kinds of things did terrorists say to author Aaron Klein, WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief, while he was conducting interviews for his new book?


  • “Once Islam dominates America, anyone living inside must abide by our rules. There is no choice. You don’t like it? Too bad. Go somewhere else and go to hell.”
  • “If I saw you during the time of my [suicide] operation, I would not hesitate to blow you up.”
  • “The Jews are corrupting humanity on earth. They are the source of all the problems in the world, and yes, they should be removed.”

Klein obtains unprecedented access to some of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world, traveling into hazardous terrorist zones and talking directly to the militants themselves about some of the most pressing issues today.

Why schmooze with the professed enemies of Western civilization?

Klein with Eiman Abu Eita, chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Beit Sahour

States Klein: “In the midst of America’s war on terror, in the midst of our grand showdown with Islamofascism, with our boys and girls deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world to defend liberty, it is crucial for all of us to understand the adversary we are up against.

“It is crucial for us to know how our enemy thinks and what they want to do with us. Even how your tax dollars – no, how you! – fund terrorism.”

Klein explains he believes America is in trouble. While the U.S. has made enormous advances in the war on terror over the past few years, “our great nation is encouraging terrorists to attack us and we don’t even know it,” he professes.

“If the American approach to identifying, understanding, and dealing with terrorism is not re-examined in the very near future, if we don’t immediately begin to understand how the terrorists think and respond to our policies, we face a devastating reality, with global jihad beating down our doorstep before we even realize what happened,” states Klein.

Among the highlights of “Schmoozing with Terrorists“:


  • Madonna and Britney Spears stoned to death? What life in the U.S. would be like if the terrorists win.
  • Terror leaders dish on loudmouth, anti-war celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda and Richard Gere and even sound off about American talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
  • Jihadists list their U.S. election favorites, mouth off about politicians and even threaten to kill one 2008 presidential candidate.
  • Klein and friends confront well-armed senior terrorists about whether suicide bombers really get 72 virgins after their deadly operation.
  • Terror groups funded, trained and armed by the U.S. – American tax dollars donated to schools that double as terror training zones and jihadist recruitment grounds? A shocking expose on how your tax dollars fund terrorism!
  • Bibles used as toilet paper, synagogues as rocket launching zones? Meet the leaders of the most notorious holy site desecrations in history.
  • The under-reported story of Christian persecution in the Middle East as told by the antagonists and victims.
  • Terrorists even offer tips on how to win the war on terror!

Klein has been interviewing terrorists since age 19, when he spent a weekend with a group connected to al-Qaida. He reports daily from Israel, going where many of his media colleagues dare not tread.

Klein is known for his regular appearances and segments on top American radio programs, where he has many times interviewed terrorist live on air. He served as a co-host of the national “John Batchelor Show,” currently on hiatus.

The oldest of 10 children, Klein attended Jewish schools from kindergarten through college at Yeshiva University in New York, where he served as editor-in-chief of the undergraduate student newspaper.

Radio talk show host Michael Reagan calls Klein “the Middle East insider you need to know. Most network, cable and print correspondents talk about the Middle East. Aaron Klein lives it. He tells my listeners what the mainstream media report weeks later.”

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