I post a reply to your house nigger video you did and you look like a fag.

– Excerpt from hate mail received by this columnist last week

Normally, I don’t acknowledge flames (hate e-mails); I never respond to them and have never reprinted one. There are a few important points to be made however, which necessitated use of the above quote.

The e-mail was, I presume, in response to a television news program in which I was invited to discuss Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and his militant former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, their relationship and Obama’s response to broadcasts of Wright’s bigoted tirades before his congregation at Chicago’s Trinity United Church.

Two words that (in a large measure due to influence of the politically correct left) are being phased out of our lexicon and whose use is already considered unacceptable in polite company are employed casually by this individual. Would I say that this person is likely typical of a liberal or an Obama supporter? No; this individual is likely the bottom of the far left barrel, yet he was politically conscious enough to pay a visit to this news outlet (based on other content in the e-mail) after viewing the video clip. I have also received flames dripping with an equal amount of vitriol and even profanity from readers who claimed to be college educated. One would surmise given their passion that they are probably planning to vote in November.

The point here is that the battling between the Democrat candidates and controversies of recent weeks has – even if not by design – redirected attention from the fact that Sen. Obama is a far-left candidate – and the far left are haters.

Yes, the political left is always quick to remind America of their compassionate nature and accuse the political right of being hateful, intolerant and bigoted. As I have indicated in previous writings, anyone who has taken a 100-level psychology course is familiar with the concept of projection.

It is members of the left who are the first to engage in personal attacks, who bark and do their level best to shout down opponents on broadcast media venues. They are the ones whose vehicles still bear “Kerry ’04” bumper stickers and who are purchasing “1/20/09: Bush’s Last Day” merchandise. Like a mini-Politburo, they turn on each other viciously in pursuit of their goals, foment race and class hatred, wish prominent conservatives would die of cancer – and send foul flames to people with whom they disagree. There are no popular equivalents to The Daily Kos or The Huffington Post on the right.

We tend to get what we expect.

– Norman Vincent Peale

Despite Barack Obama’s flamboyant oratory, he – and certainly a significant number of the candidate’s close confidants, including his wife, Michelle – are by their own words fixated upon what they believe to be wrong with America. These are the same issues with which we have been bombarded by the establishment media for the last four years and which have served to draw the attention of Americans away from deadly serious issues such as the very real war against Islamo-fascism and our southern border crisis.

Perceived or real deficiencies in the current administration aside, it should be no surprise that these are difficulties for which Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party at large either offer no solutions, or promise to employ methods which, according to the historical record, are imprudent at best, suicidal at worst. It is Obama’s charisma and media appeal that have allowed him to get away with the patently ridiculous assertion that his foreign policy would be akin to that of George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan (Associated Press, March 29, 2008).

Only in circles and in media frequented by political independents and conservatives are Americans exposed to details such as Obama’s endorsement by MoveOn.org, the rabidly radical, anti-American political action group whose principal is billionaire socialist George Soros. As reflected in past voting patterns and innumerable political surveys, most Americans do not favor the kind of America Soros and MoveOn.org envision, yet due to the deficiency of widespread press coverage in this area, one could extrapolate that the vast majority of Obama supporters are unaware of the endorsement.

Similarly, and for like reasons, much of the voting public isn’t aware of Obama’s ties to Planned Parenthood, which was originally (and some convincingly argue still is) an experiment in eugenics, calculated to keep the birth rates of minorities – especially blacks – in check. Many Americans are probably unaware of Obama’s abysmal record when it comes to abortion as regards the agenda of the far left.

I’m going to teach them morals and values. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them to be punished with a baby.

– Barack Obama, March 29, 2008, referring to his daughters.

Translated: “I don’t want my daughters to be forced to act responsibly to the consequences of acting irresponsibly if they choose to embrace lifestyles my party and I promote and wind up pregnant, unwed teenagers.” The question of what sort of morals and values his daughters are going to learn remains anyone’s guess. This columnist will leave the reader to appraise the mindset of one who views a baby as punishment.

Obama’s economic plan: Don’t expect another Bill Clinton, who had a desperate need to be liked and relied on polls and approval ratings as tools for crafting his legacy. With obligation to and deep entrenchment in the far left machine coupled with the politics of victimization and entitlement (which Obama has been preaching for some time), there is no reason not to expect higher taxation, government intervention in business and a resulting stultification of the economy.

Our border with Mexico: Both political parties’ performance in this area has been abominable for decades. Geared toward the benefit of politicos and elites on both sides of the border and cultural and economic sodomization of average Mexicans and Americans, there is a singularly alarming and unique aspect of Democrat politicians’ comportment here: Mexican immigrants have tended to vote Democratic once naturalized; this is likely due to their buying into the altruistic propaganda the left has proffered since the 1960s, particularly in the area of race relations. It is for this reason that a Democrat-controlled Congress and executive branch will be far less likely to act in the interest of the American people.

Socially-speaking, if Obama is elected president, Americans can reasonably expect more apathy or outright destructive policies from Capitol Hill and the White House relative to law enforcement and the deleterious effect of laissez-faire, ambivalent morality in the area of education and our youths’ exposure to harmful media influences such as gangsta rap. The latter is, if you didn’t know, one of the phenomena staunchly defended by far-left blacks (and those profiting from it) as a valued characteristic of their culture.

Even if for the sake of argument we set aside the false doctrine taught at his church, the bigotry of his former pastor and their undeniable solidarity with the terrorist organization Hamas and the Nation of Islam, there is Obama’s connection to the Sojourners, a liberal Christian group (I use both terms very loosely) that also supports Hamas. Here is a direct connection that the candidate cannot explain away with claims of absence to events or that he is not responsible for the actions of others.

Although Obama initially avoided it, race has figured prominently in his campaign. Some might say that this was inevitable. The fact that he is a poor choice for president of the United States, however, has nothing to do with his race but with his political ideology. This ideology also happens to have harmed blacks profoundly, arguably more than it has harmed other ethnic and socioeconomic groups in America. The hypocrisy of the far left with respect to their acceptance of black-on-black exploitation and abuse has of course been well-established.

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