Detroit was once a proud city
Of proud people, smiles a plenty.
The Leftist killed it in a stroke,
Took away all pride & hope;
Now, a third world place of pity.

~ Paul, poet and an avid WorldNetDaily reader

According to a new joint study just released Tuesday by the EPE Research Center and Americas Promise Alliance, Detroit’s main school district has the nation’s lowest high school graduation rate – 24.9 percent (1 out of 4). The latter group is headed by retired four-star general and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell. Regrettably, this study only relied upon 2003-04 data. Five years later the Detroit Public Schools are much worse.

As an ominous omen the day before, one of those potential graduates, Jamaal Hurt, 19, a senior at Cody High School, was murdered, viciously gunned down with eight bullets in a drive-by execution police believe was by one of his classmates.

Dear Gen. Powell: I’m sorry to inform you but we will have to move Jamaal’s name from the “graduate” side of the ledger to the “dropout” side.

Or maybe in next year’s education examination of 2004-05 data Gen. Powell should add a category for “dead” high school students since this demographic is growing faster than any other.

In virtually every article I’ve written about Detroit, I’ve tried to link my arguments to what I consider to be the No. 1 problem affecting this city and virtually all cities across America – liberalism. I wanted my analysis to go beyond pathology, promiscuity, ignorance, crime; beyond Obama and the racist, anti-American rhetoric of his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, beyond black racism, self-segregation and identity politics that’s made Detroit a volunteer prison for its roughly 850,000 residents – to systematically scrutinize this invisible, insidious entity called liberalism.

I don’t expect the academic class, the black elites, the propaganda press and the liberal mainstream media in this one-horse town to properly analyze the gargantuan problems of Detroit because they (for the most part) are blinded by their own liberal bias and self-interests. Like their socialist and communist comrades, liberals naively believe if “X” government program just had “more funding” that the seemingly intractable problems decimating big and medium-sized cities all over America would be solved. Nonsense.

Since the early 1930s and FDR, Detroit has had a tragic love affair with liberalism, the consequences of which have to a degree been comparable to the sieges by the cruel superpowers of antiquity – Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Huns, the Mongols. True, in Detroit there are no siege works here, no boiling oil, flaming arrows, catapults or battering rams, yet the barbarian hoards are not only at the gates, but are within the city gates, and these people, infected by a stubborn liberal mindset, are surely killing this town.

The invisible effects of liberalism in Detroit materialize in this manner – Good People: rational, educated, moral, homeowners, small-business owners, hard-working, taxpayers (producers), are outnumbered by Bad People: irrational, largely emotion-driven, under 35, hedonists, mis-educated, criminal-record holding, demagogues, non-taxpayers (takers). If the latter group overtakes the former group, that city in time will become a social, economic, intellectual wasteland – a ghetto. This tragic refrain is repeated in cities of all sizes across America.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a woman once touted by the press as a vice presidential running mate for Sen. Hillary Clinton, has turned out to be an utterly incompetent figure despite in 2003 being handed on a silver platter a healthy government with a Standard & Poors AAA credit rating by three-term Republican Gov. John Engler. Gov. Granholm couldn’t wait to raise taxes, infecting Michigan with one of the highest business exoduses, unemployment rates and largest deficits of any state in America – a “one-state recession” while other states are having a record booming economy.

Yet, the corrupt, incompetent Democrat leadership here in Michigan is silent regarding whether or not Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should resign after Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy brought a 15 count indictment against His Honor and his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty. Why won’t the Democrat-controlled House force Mayor Kilpatrick to resign for the good of Detroit and the state of Michigan?

Herein lies the dirty little secret of liberalism: Ironically, liberalism thrives best where there is rampant corruption, cronyism, anger, envy, despair and pathology, particularly against its most vulnerable citizens, blacks and Hispanics.

Think of liberalism like a deadly virus or a parasite. What does a parasite need to survive? That’s right, a host or a living creature that it uses and abuses for its own pleasure. Applied to the crisis of leadership here in Detroit, liberalism is the parasite and the host is the 88 percent black majority. Like a giant, disgusting leech, for the past 75 years FDR-style liberal ideas and socialist programs designed “to help the Negro” have only sucked this city dry.

If the largely white liberal Democrat machine in Lansing cared anything about Detroit and the economic health of Michigan’s largest and most influential city, or for the best interests of black people, who nationally speaking are liberalism’s most faithful constituency, voting Democrat at over 92-95 percent, then why doesn’t Granholm act immediately and decisively to get Mayor Kilpatrick out of office? Gov. Granholm, as well as the all-black Detroit City Council has the constitutional authority to do so, but they are afraid of charges of “racism” by the city’s demagogues.

The liberal Democrat hacks running Michigan into the ground (complicit with the pathetic, country club Republicans) aren’t the least interested in real solutions for Detroit because, as I stated before, parasitic liberalism thrives in chaos, envy and victimhood. Also, Mayor Kilpatrick’s sycophantic cronies realize when the mayor goes down, that they will all go down together. That’s why the mayor’s appointees publicly and vociferously disparage anyone who dares speak out against Kilpatrick, including daily attacks against prosecutor Worthy. Nevertheless, tick-tock-tick-tock, His Honor indeed has date with destiny.

AMERICA! Get yourself a big bucket of popcorn and a giant Coke, because the show KKK (King Kwame Kilpatrick) is about the give the world will make what the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) did to my people in Birmingham, in Selma, in Atlanta, in Mississippi, look like child’s play.

Show me a monopoly (liberalism) and I’ll show you a tyranny (Detroit).

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