Gratuitous and pretentious discussions sparked by the controversy surrounding presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his various racist cohorts have been suggested vis-à-vis blacks and whites needing to “come to the table” on issues of race relations. This is, I believe, the perfect time to examine black-on-black political persecution in America and the hypocrisy of blacks on the left in key areas of political policy, both domestic and foreign.

It’s been said that if there’s anything the left hates more than conservatives, it’s conservatives of color. A good argument exists for the line of reasoning that ethnic minorities on the left hate conservatives of their own ethnicity even more. There is no reason not to give credence to this due to the vile excoriation prominent blacks who are not ensconced in far left encampments routinely endure from those who are so ensconced, and the vitriol which is liberally (no pun intended) poured out upon people such as myself – or anyone of color – when they espouse sociopolitical philosophies that are opposed to that of far left race-baiters, or when they are rash enough to openly criticize same.

Despite the bag of goods that has been successfully sold to many Americans whereby “progressives” and those even further left are unquestioningly accepted as compassionate, accepting and benevolent, it is common knowledge among more enlightened folk that this is a monumental sham. Those on the left are indeed far more callous, condemnatory and malignant that those they identify as their political enemies. Far-left whites look upon more conservative blacks as ingrates who bite the hand that feeds, while far-left blacks are as quick to dispatch them via character assassination as rival gangbangers do with the gun.

Those who can see under the sheep’s clothing are keenly aware that far-left politics have done more to demoralize and disenfranchise blacks than anything since slavery and segregation, and that those blacks who pledge allegiance thereto have either been misled or are in it for personal gain. Their references to blacks who do not walk in lock step with them as “house niggers” and other odious terms are therefore more aptly ascribed to them, for it is they who are complicit in advancing the agenda that keeps so many blacks in a state of cultural wretchedness. It is paramount for influential whites and blacks on the far left to perpetuate these attacks on black people who have shed those chains of imposed ignorance and work within the mainstream cultural paradigm.

Where the foreign policy of the United States is concerned, their hypocrisy is even more palpable. In the 1970s, one of the primary foreign targets of the far left was the economically stable but white-controlled Rhodesia. International pressure was brought to bear (much through the good old United Nations) until Rhodesia gained “independence” and became Zimbabwe, which has been run into the ground by Marxist despot Robert Mugabe ever since. Famine, black-on-black as well as black-on-white atrocities are commonplace, but it’s all right in the eyes of far left globalists, since blacks now have self-determination – or at least as much as Mugabe allows.

In the 1980s it was South Africa. Even with Africa’s history of blacks enslaving and murdering other blacks on an incalculable scale (which our educational system conveniently ignores), and a Soviet threat that was still very real, one would have thought the plight of blacks in South Africa was the greatest crime in human history. Again, the international community rallied at the behest of far left interests, and the country was turned over to the African National Congress. South Africa subsequently developed social problems similar to Zimbabwe’s, some more serious, although it has not suffered as much economically largely due to its vast natural resources. No doubt this columnist will now be accused of having been a proponent of apartheid.

As far as blacks and whites in America needing to become engaged in discussions on race as nebulously asserted by black talking heads on the political left, there is no reason whatsoever to do so. This presupposes the existence of a level of institutional racism that no longer exists. Our social evolution continues, and it is clear that we cannot legislate morality. To pick up the rope black activists and far-left white race-baiters offer would only certify their argument and further cement their position within the black community. These people know that whatever whites say or offer, it will be met with undue scrutiny and derision, which is why prudent whites do not acknowledge such offers and fearful whites remain silent.

Rest assured that whatever Sen. Obama truly believes on this subject, should he become president, professional civil rights activists (read “race-baiters and poverty pimps”) will run roughshod over every gain that has been made in American race relations over the last 40 years.

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