Joseph Farah:

I would like to commend you on your site. I use WND daily and read most of your articles, concurring with a significant majority of your perspectives and logic-based journalism. Please give me but a moment in your daily reading of e-mails to consider my position on who should be supported in this election.

I keep hearing and reading quips like: “It’s time for Republicans to come together behind a candidate who is optimistic for the future and can articulate a conservative economic agenda.” This, of course, is rhetoric and only leads one of many “mission statements” in the course of elections. You, sir, more than most, can articulate and discriminate far better than most journalists and pundits about what’s really going to happen to our country if the current direction is maintained.

Look carefully at the trend of where we were and where we are now. The government does not represent us anymore, and “they” are no longer “us.” I am 53 and a previous Republican Navy vet – and the Republicans left me years ago to follow their own persuasions and promises.

I firmly believe we are very unlikely to fully “mend” the constitutional cancers that have affixed themselves to the holes and amendments that we have allowed to be inflicted by our legislators and executive orders that emulate a drive-up window at McDonald’s. However painful, a revolution must accompany the next changes in our government to de-scale and re-establish our federal, state and local governments to their proper and legitimate place.

In an engineering or science environment, the control of an experiment must be based on a valid and solid hypothesis. In this case, we are changing the experiment and chasing the results based on who is controlling the experiment. This experiment called a democratic republic is OUT OF CONTROL!

My proposal is to elect someone who represents and articulates the constitutional precepts of “Less is better.” In the last 30 years, there is a very strong trend shown in Republican (conservative) actions to “grow” control of its base by corporate and government interactions, either directly or by proxy. The Democrats are no better except by the well-used implementation of voter-base promises and selective manipulation of the media to their own goals.

Obviously, there is no simple answer and even if Ron Paul is elected, the change will not be overnight. However, many of us previously known as “We the People” are no longer willing to be “We the Sheeple,” and we know we need to move this democratic republic experiment back several decades. Unfortunately, there is so much inertia – much like a ship that’s mass is overburdened – that we only have a short amount of time to make corrective decisions before we hit “the rocks.”

If we elect any of the “status quo” candidates presented to us, it will be ineffective and we will likely have our national life jackets on within a year or so – and I am sure the U.N. will be there with its hands out, not to help us but to ask for more money so we will sink all the faster.

Joseph, there are no more credits left on the machine and the government is using an “autopilot” set by selfish people who will bring our country and its wonderful unique sovereignty and its intrinsic liberty to an abrupt and ugly end.

We all have our favorite programs and agendas that we would like our government to support, but unless we regain control of our government, we will have no further options. We won’t be able to support anyone, anywhere in the world because we will be broke and impotent. There still is only one candidate running who will at least apply enough proper force to our “listing” ship that we will have at least a chance of regaining control.

I know you don’t want to publicly support Ron Paul, but is there anyone else in the fray that really represents our Constitution and our liberties? Not one. Not even one. We can’t afford to vote for the lesser of evils, Joseph – there is no time.

Jeffrey J. Smathers

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