Picture this: It’s in the near future. It’s 6 a.m., somewhere in Arizona.

A young, beautiful woman takes off her clothes. She steps into her shower. She turns on the water. She gets her long blond hair wet. This, of course, takes about two minutes, any less and the shampoo would not lather. Lathering up her hair takes about three minutes. She rinses her hair and grabs her Ultra-Volume “sure to give you big hair, therefore putting that perm off another week” conditioner.

The conditioner has to stay on for three minutes, so she grabs her purple washing mitt and fills it with the scented lavender liquid body soap that she got at the dollar store, thereby making herself feel very smart.

She lathers up her body, making sure that she gets every single spot clean just in case … she gets in a car accident.

With her head tilted back, she lets out a soft “aaaah” while feeling the hot, invigorating water stream down her back. She gets ready to rinse off, and then …

The water shuts off.


Because due to Al Gore’s new “green” revolution, water is now being controlled by your loving government. You have exactly 10 minutes to take your morning shower.

The girl is left standing in the shower, completely covered with soap. Her hair is matted up in greasy conditioner, and she hasn’t even had time to use those little plastic balls of face scrub to save her from the fate of flaking dead face cells, which are sticking to yesterday’s makeup like grease on an old catcher’s mitt.

The shower water will not turn back on until after 5 o’clock.

Picture again: In another part of Arizona, another beautiful woman gets undressed. Her husband has built her a shower right outside their bedroom by their outdoor pool. It’s 10 a.m. and she has no fear that her shower will turn off. She spends about 20 minutes enjoying the powerful water-jets message, gets out, jumps in the pool, does two laps, gets out of the pool and then steps back into the shower. Her husband comes out to join her. He helps her wash her back.

This takes 25 minutes.

While he is washing her back, the sprinkler systems turn on, watering the flower garden that surrounds the pool.

The woman’s rich husband can enjoy his whole water-infested home because he planted some trees in Indonesia.

Sound like a fairy tale? Really?

A 2003 federal report found that 36 states expect statewide water shortages in the next decade, and with the continuous arrival of millions of future illegal aliens, it’s bound to get worse.

So, little by little we are being conditioned to accept the inevitable “greening” of the earth, and among this new “save our planet” global crusade will be water rationing.

Our politicians, on their serious mission to save the planet, have decided to start with the United States. Because people will not give up their nasty, wasteful habits of taking showers whenever they want, watering their gardens, washing their cars and building swimming pools, our elite leaders will just <>have to pass strict laws of water rationing.

Of course, they don’t want to give up their “pursuits of happiness,” so they’ve invented the concept of “carbon credits” to shut up the poor and dirty huddled masses.

Reprogramming the minds of Americans will take more than just one multi-million-dollar propaganda blitz. Newt Gingrich, that bulwark of conservative American patriotism, is going to help Al Gore deliver it.

The word “green” will be used in every magazine, every schoolbook, every TV sitcom, every commercial and probably even divorce papers.

And you’re very “green” if you don’t see what’s happening.

Our “rulers” create big problems, then come in with big government solutions to make them look like the saviors they want you to think they are. And behind every green “savior” is a political billionaire heavily invested in new “green” product companies.

Of course, our behavior is already being manipulated by force. The rising price of gas – forced on us, we are told, by “market forces” – have given Congress the power to take over our food supply in the name of “energy” and force everyone into smaller European cars.

This step has horrendously affected our food prices – next, it’s our water.

And when a government has complete control of a people’s consumption of water, food, energy and health care, you’ve got a government with no fear.

Not good.

So ask yourself next time you hear that dripping faucet at 3 in the morning, or when you buy that bottle of water because you’re afraid to drink water out of your tap:

What is the real reason Congress has not developed our many American oil fields, or allowed new refineries or nuclear plants to be built in decades, or continued to keep our borders wide open, even at the catastrophic expense of all of us running out of the very water we need to survive?

If you came to the same conclusion as I have, then go take a long, cold shower – you’re going to need it.

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Joyanna Adams lives in Missouri. Visit her blog.

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