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WND Scoops 2007

Throughout 2007, WND led the investigation into the high-profile prosecutions and convictions of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who received 11- and 12-year sentences for slightly wounding an illegal alien drug smuggler with a gunshot while in pursuit and in the line of duty. A federal prosecutor gave the drug smuggler full immunity to testify against the agents.

WND’s coverage included a report on how the Mexican Consulate played a previously undisclosed role in the events.

In early 2007, concerns about imports from China began with a pet food crisis that killed or maimed up to 39,000 American cats and dogs.

WND’s reporting on China’s toxic trade was so powerful, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua blamed the news site for overhyping the safety issues about food and consumer goods exported from the Asian giant.

WND’s extensive coverage of the Middle East features exclusive stories by Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein.

In 2007, WND continued its aggressive reporting on plans to create a North American Union and reported when the first Mexican truck authorized by a Bush administration program opening U.S. highways to trucking companies from south of the border crossed into the U.S. at Laredo, Texas, headed for North Carolina.

WND led the investigation into the Texas juvenile justice sexual abuse scandal. The scandal – in which Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton are accused of failing to take action – is a broader scandal that was covered up for two years, involving hundreds of serious complaints and investigations against dozens of staff members, according to officials.

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