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'Expelled': No faith allowed

Opening in theatres around the country this Friday is a movie many university professors want to see expelled from the big screen. The film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” sheds light on the plight of scientists and educators worldwide who have lost prestigious positions over their inclusion of intelligent design in the debate on the theory of evolution. It places a spotlight on those clinging to evolution with a religious fervor so intense that they want all other viewpoints silenced, even if it means expelling intelligent, fully qualified scientists from their jobs.

This same bigoted mindset also rages in both public school and college classrooms across America, where “open-minded” and “inclusive” teachers are on the prowl for politically incorrect thinking. All too often, if students disagree with the cherished political, philosophical or religious beliefs of a particular teacher, those students are punished by having their grades lowered or even being flunked.

Take the case of Gina DeLuca, a 3.9 GPA student at Suffolk County Community College in New York. According to an April 11 news release by the American Center for Law and Justice, or ACLJ, DeLuca was penalized by a pontificating professor determined to not only silence her beliefs but also have her renounce her Christian faith. The ACLJ release said, “the grades she received on class assignments dropped significantly once God and religion became prominent topics of class discussion and her refusal to compromise her Christian faith became apparent.” The professor ridiculed DeLuca calling her “uncritical,” “close minded,” “hurtful” and “blinded by belief.” In true leftist madness this professor considers his free speech alone to be sacrosanct.

In another recent case, California high school teacher James Corbett articulated Nazi-style aspersions that Christians are a threat to society. On April 2, Fox News’ website reported Corbett’s words: “What country has the highest murder rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rate of church attendance? The South!”

No wonder 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant Lauren Upton stumbled when questioned about Americans’ failure to locate the United States on a map. Perhaps her high school teacher agreed with Corbett that the South is a country and “uh, the Iraq.”

Thankfully, 16-year-old sophomore Chad Farnan outsmarted Corbett by tape recording the teacher’s lecture for his study notes. And just as the ACLJ threatens to file a federal lawsuit in the DeLuca case in New York, the Farnans are seeking redress through the law firm Advocates for Faith and Freedom. In an amusing twist, Fox News states that the family may consider dropping their lawsuit “if the school agrees to put Corbett through sensitivity training and requires him to apologize to the students he offended.” The school district is undoubtedly stunned at having the same tactics they use on students – turned in their direction. What comic justice!

But humor aside, what insanity underlies these shared philosophies?

The movie “Expelled” hints that Darwin’s theory of evolution creates the ideal breeding ground for perverted minds bent on destroying innocent life.

Donald De Marco and Benjamin Wiker, authors of “Architects of the Culture of Death,” describe the belief systems of “eugenic evolutionists” like Charles Darwin, Francis Galton and Ernst Haeckel, while showing their influence on moderns today.

Galton, who was Darwin’s cousin, coined the term “eugenics” as a “new religion.” Haeckel desired to exterminate Christianity in favor of a “proper, pre-Christian pagan worship of nature.” Just as many professors and teachers do today, Haeckel ridiculed God as Creator and claimed Christ is a mere myth representing “the narrow … ideas of an uneducated people.” Asserting that the Nazi eugenic program was undergirded by “Haeckel’s evolutionary eugenic arguments,” De Marco and Wiker go on to say that “the gospel of Darwinist eugenics” is cross-culturally widespread.

And it is clear that many of these self-righteous secular fundamentalists do not merely disagree with Christians; they seek to silence them – and more.

Professor Richard Terrell, author of “Resurrecting the Third Reich,” asserts that “modern life and civilization present conditions that, in the right conjunction, could lead with cold logic to a repeat” of the Holocaust. He warrants that Christianity “remains … the only force on earth that can avert” such horror.

The movie “Expelled” contains grim footage of Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp opened in 1933. Does it take a leap of logic to wonder, if they were given more opportunity in today’s world, how far the modern adherents of eugenic evolution would go to silence those who stand in their way?

Who is next?

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the generation most responsible for aborting its own babies was one day aborted by the philosophies of their offspring’s Hitlerian “cleanse” society? Considering that the retired baby-boom generation will be a financial drain on the economy, could its elderly one day be deemed “useless eaters?”

It’s a grim question, but one worth asking.

As you watch the movie “Expelled” in theatres this weekend, think about the 85 percent of Christian, public-schooled youth whose faith is being expelled from their minds at the hands of the state.

Think about the 98 percent of Christian homeschooled children who keep the faith of their parents.

And then remember that there is a cause for every effect.

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Olivia St. John is a freelance writer with almost 20 years of experience as a home educator. Her work has been featured in several online publications, and she is currently working on a book promoting home education.