Last Friday in this column I reported on a brewing scandal that would be front-page news on the New York Times if the developments had concerned anyone other than their hero: Barack Hussein Obama.

Instead, the new media was left to pick up and disseminate how one of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign bundlers is Jodie Evans – a political ally to Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, and an advocate for Islamic militants.

The story was also a yawner for ABC News “journalist” George Stephanopolous, because he didn’t see fit to ask a single question about the deep political and personal ties between Jodie Evans and Sen. Barack Obama during the Philadelphia Democratic presidential debate.

Jodie Evans embracing Venezualan dictator Hugo Chavez

But, as we say in the media, this story has legs, and they are growing.

There are new details coming to light of the transgressions made by Obama’s campaign bundler and an even closer relationship between Ms. Evans and the candidate himself than what we knew last week.

Helping fuel this fire has been the continuous research by Washington, D.C., conservative citizen activist, Kristinn Taylor, who has been digging into Ms. Evan’s ties to Obama’s campaign for the past few months.

The bottom line for Barack Obama is this: Jodie Evans has become the new Jeremiah Wright – only on estrogen.

A radical anti-American activist who has also supported Fidel Castro’s regime in addition to Hugo Chavez, Jodie Evans’ ties to Barack Obama first appeared in reports from the Federal Elections Commission, or FEC, which showed that Evans gave the maximum amount allowed by law to the Obama for America campaign committee in February 2007. You can see the FEC filing here.

We are now learning that Evans was also a relentless leader in the back-room effort to steal away Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood supporters, by pressuring them with the rationale that Clinton was too willing to support the missions of U.S. troops in the war on terror.

As the anti-American Marxist rallied Hollywood’s elite behind Obama’s campaign, Jodie Evans painted Obama as a historic figure akin to John F. Kennedy Jr. and Martin Luther King Jr.

    “Hollywood sees someone who has charisma and who is a leader. That is what Hollywood has always been able to see. He’s kind of a cross between Jack Kennedy and Martin Luther King.” (Jodie Evans, quoted in Variety magazine – Feb. 20, 2007)

Soon both Evans, and her unemployed student son, maxed out with $4,600 in contributions to Barack Obama’s campaign.

In March 2007, Variety magazine reported on the rift that Jodie Evans was fueling between Hollywood and Hillary Clinton that grew out of Clinton’s unwillingness to embrace a more radical anti-war position. As Variety reported:

    The war in Iraq looms over Clinton as well, particularly to progressives. Jodie Evans, who with Palevsky was one of the co-hosts of Obama’s event along with the DreamWorks trio, has been leading her anti-war group CodePink to Clinton events, challenging the senator to explain her position.

That characterization was a bit mild.

Jodie Evans and Code Pink were not merely showing up at Clinton events to discuss foreign policy with the New York senator, they instead engaged in dramatic street theater, throwing their bodies around in a desperate effort to disrupt Clinton’s events and her fundraising.

Jodie Evans escorted away again

Under Evans’ leadership, Code Pink put together an anti-Clinton website called and instructed supporters to heckle Clinton at public and private events because they felt she was being too pro-military.

Just as Barack Obama used radical black pastor Jeremiah Wright to rally extremists in black churches (including some tied to the militant Black Panther organization) to support his campaign, Obama’s team was similarly plotting strategies with Jodie Evans to raise money from anti-American forces for Obama’s campaign, as well as working to disrupt Sen. Clinton’s campaign appearances and organization.

The recent filing by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign showcasing Evans as an agent of the Obama campaign to bundle money from those who wish to bring down the institutions of the United States should be front-page news.

Instead, so far the media has been blindly uninterested in reporting on this scandal.

But American voters deserve to know the truth. So here are the words of Obama’s reverend of the church of anti-Americanism, Jodie Evans, calling upon Iraqi insurgents and terrorists to resist U.S. troops and use violence to defeat the forces of the United States military:

    “We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and defending their right to resist. I can remain myself against all forms of violence, and yet I cannot judge what someone has to do when pushed to the wall to protect all they love. The Iraqi people are fighting for their country, to protect their families and to preserve all they love. They are fighting for their lives, and we are fighting for lies.” (AlterNet, June 26, 2005)

The elite media might not yet be interested in the scandalous ties between one of the most prominent anti-American activists and Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, but I know someone who is.

Averill “Ace” Smith, the master of opposition research and now one of Hillary’s top campaign operatives could leak it to his favorite shill for the Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS.

Then watch the “bitter” family quarrels really erupt.

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