Politicians are akin to those who practice that which is conventionally referred to as the “oldest profession.” They’ll say and/or promise to be the very best right up to and until they have your money (and in their case your vote as well) in their manicured paws. And Clinton, Obama and McCain, to mention the three contending for the Holy Grail of politics, are no different.

The job of those who engage in the “oldest profession” is to say and promise to do whatever it takes to separate you from your money, common sense and in most cases your dignity. The difference between them and those who practice the same profession under the guise of political ascension is that one robs you by the hour; politicians rob you by the years.

You’re promised the world but find despair when you wake from the euphoria of that which seemed like a pleasurable idea at the time.

Consider the past two administrations. Say what one will, and regardless of party affiliation, Bill Clinton was an intelligent individual with near limitless potential who devolved into the political equivalent of Jethro Bodine with a college diploma and an inability to control his lusts. The end result was promises not kept, national disappointment and wasted potential.

President Bush had the cheering support of the conservative base because of his promises, and because of our expectation that he would be a conservative leader in the likeness of Ronald Reagan.

The end result was the wasted good will of his base, a capitulation to liberals and their media, over-the-top spending, new levels of government bureaucracy and dependency, continued attempts to force amnesty for those who violate our sovereign borders, and the dismal failure of “No Child Left Behind,” to mention but a few.

The bottom line is that promises were made by both of these presidents that America and her citizens would be better off with them sitting in the Oval Office. Said promises are not unlike promises made by escorts and streetwalkers, who promise that the more you spend, the better you’ll feel in the morning. The cold truth is that in both instances, disappointment abounded and continues to abound because of their mediocrity and indifference. But the realization has sunk in that our lust over promised satisfaction – be it from the elected or from companionship by the hour, looked good but in truth never really materialized.

Now we have three new candidates of the night. Each comes to us selling promises and assurances that he or she is better than the others. One promises change that separates him from the others. The question he fails to answer is: Exactly what is that change? Anyone can prostitute himself as an agent of change – right up to and including the moment you accept the entreaty.

Another has a proven track record of contempt for the truth and unparalleled support for unseemly behavior. The other is a contentious, egocentric wannabe potentate with a proven record of discord.

That said, all three candidates display characteristics of those engaging in the “oldest of professions.” They promise anything and everything until they have your money and your vote, at which time you will be forgotten. Forgotten, that is, until the next time they want your money and your vote.

Prostitution is illegal in all states but Nevada, and even there it is strictly regulated. But politicians are not so governed. They are free to lie and mislead in all 50 states. What they said yesterday may be what they said, but they will tell you the next morning that wasn’t what they really meant.

I submit, just as it is wrong to give your money foolishly to those who are only interested in you until your money runs out, it is no less foolhardy to trust in those you cannot enjoy a burger and fries with unless you are willing to pay $100 a plate.

Excitement and euphoria may abound in the evening, but in morning there will be bitter disappointment, no matter which of these three wins the election.

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