The Obama campaign quietly removed from its official website a page managed by a fundraiser tied to the Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

The page for Hatem El-Hady – former chairman of an Islamic charity closed by the U.S. government for terrorist fundraising – listed Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, as one of three “friends” as recently as yesterday, according to blogger Charles Johnson.

But by yesterday morning, days after Johnson’s “Little Green Football’s” site drew attention to the El-Hady page, Michelle Obama’s name had been removed. Then, later in the day, the entire page disappeared.

Johnson observed: “There’s a lot of talk about William Ayers and his connections to Obama, but please note that in El-Hady we have someone who is apparently connected with Hamas – not decades ago, but as recently as 2006.”

El-Hady was head of the Toledo, Ohio-based Kindhearts for Charitable Human Development, a spinoff of the Holy Land Foundation, the Dallas-area group indicted by the Justice Department for terrorist financing.

The Department of the Treasury in 2006 issued a statement on KindHearts when federal authorities blocked the group’s assets during their investigation.

Treasury said KindHearts officials and fundraisers “coordinated with Hamas leaders and made contributions to Hamas-affiliated organizations.”

The federal authorities found evidence of connections between KindHearts and Hamas in Lebanon and the West Bank in support the Palestinian Intifada.

“KindHearts is the progeny of Holy Land Foundation and Global Relief Foundation, which attempted to mask their support for terrorism behind the facade of charitable giving,” Stuart Levey, Treasury under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said at the time.

As WND reported, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain is looking to cash in on the recent endorsement of Obama by Hamas terrorists.

The McCain campaign sent out a fundraising letter one week ago, quoting an interview by WND’s Aaron Klein and WABC Radio in which Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas’ top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, said Hamas “hopes” Obama will win the presidential elections and change America’s foreign policy.

“Barack Obama’s foreign policy plans have even won him praise from Hamas leaders,” the e-mail from McCain deputy campaign manager Christian Ferry says. “We need change in America, but not the kind of change that wins kind words from Hamas, surrenders in Iraq and will hold unconditional talks with Iranian President Ahmadinejad.”


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