With spring in full swing, the thoughts of many Americans are turning to spending
more time outdoors. If that outdoors time includes cycling, you’re going to have to
think outside the big-box and take a road less traveled to get an American-made bicycle.

This means if you think you’re going to walk into a Wal-Mart, Target or Sears and
find a bicycle with a “Made in USA” tag on it, you’re going to be disappointed that you
wasted your time as well as your car’s gas that you’ll have to replenish at more than $3 a

It follows then, that we need a Buy American strategy before we blindly head out
the door hunting for American-made Huffy for under a hundred bucks. It’s not going to
happen. Awareness is the key, and such a Buy American strategy should apply whether
you’re looking for bicycles or Band-Aids.

Two of the more-popular names in bicycles are Trek and Cannondale, but it’s
difficult to find American-made bikes from these brands for under $1,000. I bought my
American-made Trek 1200 bike used for $400 over 10 years ago (I don’t do a whole lot
of cycling). Most of the high-end, carbon-frame bikes from Trek are made in USA,
with their low-end, heavier aluminum frame bikes imported. Cannondale, which not
long ago prided itself on having the complete line handmade in USA, is now importing
the lower-end, lower-priced bikes from overseas. Trek and Cannondale usually are
brands that are sought after by serious bike enthusiasts. You can locate dealers for Trek
bikes at Trek Bikes.com and Cannondale
bikes at Cannondale.com.

But what if you’re not a super-serious bike enthusiast who wants a basic, casual,
American-made bicycle for a cheaper price? Worksman Cycles proudly have been
made in the USA since 1898, and you can custom design your own Worksman
Customer Cruiser for $299. You also can find three-wheeled tricycles for $449.

Worksman Cycles workers pride themselves in the high quality of their bikes over
the typical import, and they’re not shy in telling you about it. On their website, they tell
the reader, “To be perfectly frank, if you are looking for ordinary run of the mill
imported cruiser bikes, shop somewhere else.”

If you’re in the market for an American-made bike with more of a retro-style feel,
check out Aero-Fast bicycles. All Aero-Fast
bicycles are made in Jacksonville, Fla. The least expensive model is the Beach Bomber
Econo for $449, with almost all of their bikes costing under $1,000.

Bike riding is a source of recreation, relaxation and good health for many
Americans. By buying an American-made bike, you can better your own health as well
as the health of the U.S. economy, and that’s better for all Americans whether they ride
bicycles or not.


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