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Are your mutual funds terror-free?

Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG) and Overlap Inc. today officially launched terrorfreecalculator.com, a new website dedicated to equipping investors to determine whether their mutual funds invest in companies that do business in countries that sponsor terror. The site also helps investors find “Certified Terror-Free” mutual funds.

This new, free-to-the-public informational website was introduced last night on the Savage Nation, the third-largest talk-radio show in the U.S., by featuring an interview with CSAG CEO Roger Robinson.

“CSAG has received tens of thousands of inquiries from citizens wanting to know if their mutual funds and other investments are terror-free. CSAG is proud to make this free service available so all Americans have a choice when it comes to terror-free investment products,” said Robinson.

Just as the South Africa divestment movement prompted companies to terminate operations there decades ago, likewise the new service is a tool being provided to shareholder activists who are increasingly acting to replicate this model.

At the forefront of providing investors this option is the new “Terror-Free Index” introduced March 26, 2008, by FTSE, The Index Company and Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG), the pre-eminent research provider specializing in terror-free investment screening and certification services.

A recent poll of Americans found that 86 percent of respondents do not wish to invest in companies that do business in, or with, terror-sponsoring states such as Iran, Syria, Sudan or North Korea. Terrorfreecalculator.com offers an entire suite of pre-screened terror-free investing options for both institutions and individuals.

Sept. 11, 2001, was a wake up call for America. Terrorists targeted the jugular vein of the financial capital of the world, knowing that collapsing the World Trade Center also would lock up the global economy. And so they did, for a week.

Savage introduced the concept of divesting terrorism to his audience in July 2005 with “Operation Divest Terror” sponsored by Swiss America Trading Corporation, which made use of CSAG’s research and expertise.

“Over 400 U.S. and foreign companies are presently doing business in terrorist sponsoring states representing trillions of dollars. By refusing to invest in these companies, Americans can send a powerful message: ‘If you underwrite governments that sponsor terrorism, you’ll lose billions of U.S. investment dollars,'” said Savage.

“For over a quarter century Swiss America has advised clients to diversify a small portion of their assets into U.S. gold and silver coins for three primary reasons: safety, privacy, and profit potential. In 2005 we added a fourth reason: social responsibility,” said Swiss America CEO Craig R. Smith.

“Swissamerica.com is a proud sponsor of Terrorfreecalculator.com which is committed to propelling this vital message out to millions of concerned investors,” said Smith.

In December 2006, The Wall Street Journal acknowledged Swiss America as the first U.S. corporation to offer employees a “certified terror-free” pension fund option with the help of CSAG.

Listen to the Savage interview with Roger Robinson.