Some are out of print and gone forever, and others are running out – but while they last, WND is offering the complete collection of Whistleblower editions (all 40 that are still available) for only $69.95. And for a very limited time, through this introductory offer, we’re slashing that low price by 50 percent, to only $34.95!

“This is really unprecedented,” said WND and Whistleblower Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Single copies of Whistleblower normally sell for $7.50, and right now they’re less than $1 each! I hope lots of readers take advantage of this incredibly generous offer.”

What many readers call the best newsmagazine in the world, Whistleblower is WND’s acclaimed monthly print publication. Each edition focuses entirely on one big topic – a topic crucial to our readers’ well-being, but one generally underreported or ignored by the “mainstream media.”

It amounts to your own private research library, courtesy of WND’s top journalists.

Any homeschoolers in your home? According to Mary Pride, one of the homeschooling world’s most respected curriculum experts: “Whistleblower is printed lightning, searing the facts about important current issues into your brain with the force of a thunderclap. Well written, well researched, well worth your time, wonderful worldview training for teens.”

Here’s what you get – 40 of the most powerful “special reports” on the topics most important to WND’s readers. The issues include:

“Because of the kind of information and insight we pack into each Whistleblower edition,” said Kupelian, “they almost never go out of date. Years after we publish them, we have readers who eagerly purchase individual issues for $7.50 each, to get WND’s ‘definitive report’ on the topic of their choice.

“Now here’s the chance to get the entire collection for a tiny fraction of what they normally cost.”

Get your “Whistleblower Complete Set” now, during our special introductory offer, and save 50 percent!

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