There are some lessons from Ronald Reagan those fighting in the cultural war would do well to employ. First, we need to re-establish our objective: “We win, they lose.”

“We” are those fighting for life, liberty and the family. We are the ones for the freedom to speak the truth and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ – to be known historically as the “good guys.” “They” are the ones trying to censor our speech, destroy the foundational institution of marriage and kill thousands of innocent children every single day. When your objectives leave you with a body count of 50 million innocent children, I think it’s safe to refer to you as “the bad guys.” History will.

Picture the historic photo-op. The proponents of “choice” standing in front of a pile of dead bodies 10 stories high and 50 miles wide. This is what they spent their lives working for: death. No matter how clever the rhetoric, or how slick the slogan, nothing they say will ever justify it. Nothing. If you’re still calling yourself “pro-choice,” think for just a minute how well that little slogan did for the Stephen Douglases who believed in the slave owners’ “right to choose.” There is still time to get on the right side of history, but you better hurry; this monumental lie is crumbling fast.

Yes, no matter the nasty names they now use, history will show the pro-lifers to be the heroes of our day. The good guys. And, yes, the victors.

We’ve been in a defensive posture for far too long. It’s time to start speaking of victory, planning for it and experiencing it. You see, Ronald Reagan didn’t set out to survive the Cold War, he set out to win it.

At a time when there wasn’t a lot of reason to hope, Regan said, “Let us renew our faith and our hope. We have every right to dream heroic dreams.” He said that at a time when not many were dreaming heroic anything. Kind of like now. Reagan summarized our current posture with this: “It’s hard when you’re up to your armpits in alligators to remember you came here to drain the swamp.”

We’ve been in alligator survival mode, and while it may put the environmentalists in a frenzy, it’s time to drain the swamp. Actually, we need to drain the stagnant, scum-filled, mosquito-infested, alligator-ridden swamps in every corner of our culture.

England’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher toasted President Reagan, praising him “for putting freedom on the offensive where it belongs.”

You’ve heard me say it before: I’m tired of the “giant reports”; like Joshua and Caleb, I’m ready to “take the land.” The good news is I’m not alone. Not only is South Dakota leading the way once again to restore legal protection to our youngest children, they have joined the now dozen states who require that women obtain the opportunity to see their child through the ultrasound before an abortionist’s knife comes near them. Mississippi, Idaho, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Louisiana have passed ultrasound bills – and more are on the way. By the way, nine out of 10 abortion-vulnerable women who see their baby through a sonogram decide against killing them. The numbers don’t lie – the truth is a powerful weapon.

Speaking of South Dakota, did you know the only abortionist in the state of South Dakota is now a board member of the “Vote Yes for Life” campaign? The ones currently doing the killing there have to be flown in from out of state. I’ve been told that South Dakotans don’t like outsiders telling them what to do. I gotta wonder – do they like outsiders flying in to kill their children? We’ll find out in November.

Freedom from abortion is being taken on the offensive on multiple fronts. Not only have the former abortionists joined us, so have abortion’s second victims: the women who’ve had abortions. They are the most powerful and plentiful voices in our movement, and they are “Silent No More.” That’s part of the “Operation Outcry” effort that the Justice Foundation spearheaded. I spoke at their banquet in Houston last night, and their experience of how abortion hurts women will be heard by the courts and the nation. The abortion crowd never counted on that.

Two weeks ago, I told you about the efforts to close the abortion business down, with Troy Newman of Operation Rescue closing down more than 27 himself. I can’t wait until he trains the rest of the country to do what he did. I had him on the Faith2Action radio program yesterday, and he spelled out how we can stop abortion with the laws already on the books.

Living life on the offensive is only the beginning. Go ahead, dream heroic dreams. We need to drain the swamps. Speaking of swamps, why not take back Hollywood? Think that’s too high a hurdle? Think again.

My good friend Ted Baehr started MOVIEGUIDE® in 1985, when the major studios in Hollywood released less than 1 percent of movies with any positive Christian content. Last year, however, 152, or 50.7 percent, of the movies released by Hollywood contained positive Christian content! From 1 percent to 51 percent. Not a bad start.

Pro-active Christian efforts like the MOVEIGUIDE® movie reviews and the annual Entertainment Industry Report helped to take Hollywood from six movies aimed for the family to what is now 40 percent of the market share. It cut the 80 percent R-rated films in half. And now, every studio has a Christian film division, and several studios are doing major films with strong Christian content. It’s happening. And it’s not by accident.

Ronald Reagan didn’t just set out to protect freedom; his goal was to advance it. He wasn’t about surviving the Cold War; he planned to win it. That is what we must do in this cultural war. For life, liberty and the family. Even in Hollywood … and next? Let’s take back the schools!

Alligator Smalligator. It’s time to drain the swamp.

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