How many dental professionals stop for a moment to consider every source of their training materials? [E-mail to the Editor, May 7].

Why is it assumed by so many that the ADA would be automatically untouched by corruption?

How many dentists have actually sat down to do their own research, and how many of those have traced those research papers (which speak glowingly of the benefits of hydrofluosilicic acid back to their roots)? Who were the people or organizations responsible for the funding of those research projects?

In my hometown, in Washington state, I began researching fluoridation for myself, because the controversy was starting to confuse me. Everyone knew fluoridation was good, so what was all this about?

During my two-year study, I discovered several things: That most folks won’t bother looking for the funding behind a study, that none of the fluoride used anywhere in the United States was pharmaceutical grade (and still isn’t), and that when one of the two sides was backed into a corner, the proponents became vulgar and verbally abusive, calling the other side fanatical, loony, anti-child, anti-health, irrational and irresponsible.

Guess which side.

Fluoride, I discovered, is NOT in the same category as chlorine. Fluoride has never prevented, and will never prevent, a public health crisis. It does not make the water safer for anyone. And I discovered that fluoride compounds are so toxic to human cells, that some are used in chemotherapy, and that there are many, many studies that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that fluoride taken in through the water supply can sicken people severely. Believing those studies don’t exist is your right, but it doesn’t make them imaginary.

Why isn’t there more independent research (all of us, at our computers, for instance), finding out the facts? Is it because the ones who stand to gain from all of this know we’re too lazy to bother, or that we’d rather believe whatever is convenient?

Go find out how much it would cost the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum smelting industries to haul their runoff to the nearest legal fluoride dump site. And why would a dump site have to be licensed for such a health-giving resource? Don’t listen to rumors. Find out. Probably more than two bits a ton. Why should they bother, if they can feed it to the sheep?

Finally, I called the head of my city’s water department and asked him if he knew what he was doing. He admitted that fluoride was so poisonous that employees had to rotate their schedules (dumping the chemical into the water) to reduce the likelihood of physical damage and illness. When I pressed him further (with God as my witness) he said, “I know it’s horrible stuff, but there’s nothing I can do.


What a sad thing it is when a man’s job is more important to him than human life. The man in charge of the water department called it “horrible stuff.” He knew.

And even if we do someday find a chemical that we can prove gives eternal health, eternal life, endless wealth and boundless joy, I want choice. Let me choose when and how I want to ingest it. It’s my body, right?


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