While perusing my usual “conservative” websites, it was amazing to me how many of our ostensibly conservative brethren have accepted the recent California Supreme Court “ruling opinion” on same-sex marriage as “law” when nothing could be further from the truth.

In 1991, Ohio had a similar situation, different outcome. Our Ohio Supreme Court gave its “opinion” that our methodology of school funding was unconstitutional. They told the executive and legislative branches to fix it, even eventually gave them a deadline. Now, our Constitution dictates that either the people themselves (via a constitutional amendment) or through their elected representatives must change this particular process. Luckily, those branches had more “brass” than any do today and basically said “we’ll look into it.” They didn’t (illegally) acquiesce or enforce any liberal offerings of the court.

The fundamental lesson here is that we have what is called “separation of powers” in this country. One branch of government is not beholden to another. Our system was designed that way by our Founders so that we didn’t get another King George III. If that were not the case, Ohio’s entire legislative and executive branches would be in contempt or jail to this day.

In 2000, the voters of California already decided that they wanted a traditional definition of marriage. As such, per the Constitution, only the voters can reverse that statute, ergo, while the courts are free to interpret the California Constitution and offer “opinions” all day long, the Constitution does not grant them the power to nullify any statutes. Acquiescing to this legal premise is why judicial tyranny is on the rise and society on such a sharp decline.

So, according to our rule of law, “same-sex marriage” is not legal anywhere – not in California and not in Massachusetts, regardless of what their governors say. For some reason, “conservative” pundits gave Gov. Mitt Romney a pass on usurping Massachusetts’ state Constitution. We are watching to see if California’s governor is given the same pass. One thing is for sure: The jig is up, and the more people out here get the truth on the fundamental rule of law regarding these matters, the more we wonder why our ostensibly conservative leaders are continuing a debate on the false premise that “same-sex marriage” has been made legal in these situations via the judiciary.

If I were sure that these so-called conservative pundits weren’t trying to emotionally bait us like the Democrats do their base, then I would respectfully suggest a refresher course on American Government for all of them.

Thea Shoemake

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