People displaced by anti-foreigner violence sleep in an open field near Johannesburg (courtesy

An outbreak of xenophobic violence has resulted in the murders of 56 people and forced thousands more to take shelter in camps, community halls and churches across South Africa – the victims are foreigners who are strictly forbidden from owning guns.

Foreigners in Gauteng Province are suffering from gunshot and stab wounds, while many others have been raped, fatally beaten and burned alive.

Thomas Eastes, national chairman of Gun Owners of South Africa, said foreigners are unable to defend themselves from such atrocities because they are not allowed to be armed in South Africa. He believes the rise in crime and chaos is chiefly a result of the Firearms Control Act passed by the South African Parliament.

“Arming foreigners and as many citizens in South Africa will surely provide an equal opportunity of survival for all,” Eastes said. “The weak, the marginalised, the oppressed and frail have a chance of survival if they are armed. I believe that firearm ownership places great responsibility on people but also enables foreigners and legal citizens not to live in fear.”

Approximately 22,000 people are murdered annually in the country for being of another race, Eastes said. Some are killed because they own cars or $5 cell phones.

“Five-year-old babies are raped and sodomised as a perceived traditional remedy for curing AIDS,” he said. “Women are objects of abuse, and our children are badly neglected every day. People are tortured and murdered to set examples and create fear. This is what communism thrives on.”

Foreigners from Zimbabwe escape to South Africa to avoid state bloodshed, terror, persecution, kidnapping and starvation. More than 15,000 refugees have been displaced by state violence since the end of March. Zimbabwean Collen Makumbirofa of the Foundation of Reason and Justice said the situation is shocking as the foreigners flee President Robert Mugabe’s atrocities.

“Millions of Zimbabweans are being starved into submission by Mugabe’s government,” he said. “Mugabe has lost support of the majority of Zimbabweans, therefore is clinging onto power by terrorism. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have been tortured by Mugabe’s secret police, militias, soldiers and war veterans.”

The South African government is refusing to offer Zimbabwe refugees adequate protection. It stopped processing asylum permits in Johannesburg and shut down Home Affairs Offices. Corrupt officials seize goods belonging to foreigners, demand sex from immigrant women and refuse to apprehend criminals who murder unarmed victims.

“Xenophobic South Africans see the police arresting and abusing foreigners on a daily basis therefore by doing violence they are also helping the African Nation Congress’ efforts to eliminate foreigners,” he said. “The police don’t do anything or they release the criminal on a bribe. Police are also biased against foreigners who report crimes against South Africans; therefore, there is no justice and respect of human rights.”

Makumbirofa places blame on South African President Thabo Mbeki for being a strong supporter of Mugabe’s dictatorship.

“Many South Africans hate foreigners, especially Zimbabweans,” he said. “President Mbeki supports President Mugabe in Zimbabwe, who is murdering, starving and torturing people who did not vote for him in the March 29 presidential election. South Africans’ hatred of foreigners, envy and covetousness is causing them to loot, burn, beat and rape foreigners.”

Mbeki disarms law-abiding refugees and citizens while widespread crime is rampant in South Africa, Makumbirofa said. Thieves and outlaws are free to do whatever they wish with their victims.

“Guns will help innocent people to protect themselves from criminals, robbers, murderers, rapist and car hijackers,” he said. “Criminals will become afraid of armed citizens because tyrants do not want armed citizens. Genocide is preceded by tight gun-control laws.”

Eastes asserts responsible firearm ownership is the answer and would help shield a defenseless populace from rape, torture and slaughter.

“Without the means to protect yourself and your family, you are not a citizen but a mere subject,” he said. “This is well explained by the brilliant Founding Fathers who wrote the USA’s Constitution and firmly entrenched rights to firearm ownership in their Second Amendment.”


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