This “constitutional scholar” [Obama] evidently sees the First Amendment as a license to “prevent the disruptive strains of fundamentalism from taking root in this country.”

~ WND Editor Joseph Farah (quoting Obama on the Religion Clause)


I have purposely refrained from writing an entire article about Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama since he entered the race and am only mentioning him here as a comparative analysis of my own religious background and to demonstrate that for good or evil, our friends are our destiny. Why?

To me, Obama is intellectually vacuous (despite his Columbia and Harvard pedigree). He seems incapable of putting two sentences together without excessively stuttering or saying “uuuhhh.” Because he is so wedded to radical, racialist, socialist ideas and is so comfortable around people who promote policies that I and most reasonable Americas find contemptible, I cannot in good faith devote an entire column exclusively on this mental midget.

Like Obama, my father left me when I was very young (18 months), and I only saw him twice during my first 30 years of life. That said, I had read through enough biographies of great men and seen personally what happens to young boys who make the wrong life choices to realize that I had better seek out men in the community that could mentor me and teach me how to become a real man.

Cass Technical High School, Detroit, Mich., circa 1978

While my memory of exactly how it happened is indistinct, I remember one of Pastor Green’s eight daughters (No. 6), a cheerful, gregarious young lady and fellow member of the orchestra there inviting me to her father’s church. I accepted. Thus began my fateful connection to Antioch C.O.G.I.C., a marvelous congregation that would make an indelible impression on my life.

I first wrote of Pastor Green in an earlier column after attending the home-going service of his beloved wife of 61 years, Mother Julia McCarty Green.

Upon first meeting Pastor Green, we had a Jonathan/David-like positive connection with each other and almost immediately he accepted me into his family of eight daughters as a long lost father would embrace his long lost son.

The contrast between Obama’s former pastor and my pastor couldn’t be more extreme. Unlike the worldwide notoriety of a Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Green is an unheralded minister of a small, modest church (about 50 members) in a declining neighborhood in Detroit. Pastor Green is quiet, circumspect, gentle and very intelligent; Rev. Wright is loud, reckless, harsh, opportunistic and a shameless demagogue.

Obama took the well-traveled road that all Machiavellian, ambitious, unscrupulous men take, which is why men of this ilk are very dangerous and should never be given the reigns of political power – for they lust after money, power, control, legacy and the applause from the fickle crowds above all else. For example, Obama, just a few weeks ago, repeatedly defended the hatemonger Rev. Wright, but willingly threw his own grandmother under the bus for political advantage, slandering this sainted woman who lovingly raised him for years as a racist and “a typical white woman.”

Why would this young, highly educated black man go out of his way to associate with such scoundrels? Why would he work with, actively seek the blessing of and praise such vile, reprehensible people as political radicals Bill Ayers and his wife, Benardine Dohrn, leaders of anarchist group the Weather Underground, who in the 1970s savagely bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, the U.S. State Department and New York’s police headquarters?

Could it be that Obama sought out these radicals because he is a certified socialist with the most extremist liberal voting record in the Senate?

Returning to Pastor Havious Green, here are just a few things I remember that he did for me over the past 30 years:

  • Pastor Green taught me how to organize and present my thoughts, my ideas, my worldview in a systematic manner; to speak in front of an audience without trepidation, because you never have to fear anything when you stand on the truth.
  • Pastor Green taught me how to study the Bible in an organized process by not only reading the black letter text, but by studying ancillary materials like concordances, study guides and Hebrew/Greek dictionaries written by biblical scholars to improve one’s understanding of the Bible.
  • The first nine years I knew Pastor Green he gave me at least 10 different jobs to help me earn money during the summer for high school, college, grad school – from washing the windows of the church and parsonage and mowing the lawn to working as a teacher in the day care center, running a summer education program and teaching music to neighborhood children.
  • Pastor Green raised many “education offerings” for me and others, literally giving me thousands of dollars to help me in college and grad school.
  • Pastor Green taught me how to help others and not be selfish by lovingly nursing his darling wife for over 30 years when her condition (degeneration of the cerebellum) slowed her mobility, but could not slow down her zeal for Life.

Obama and I are the same age (46, born one month apart) and, like conservative intellectuals Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and musicians Branford and Wynton Marsalis, are part of the tail end of the baby boom generation. In 1988, Obama and I arrived at Harvard at the same time. We both read the books and studied under the famous law faculty there – Laurence Tribe, Derrick Bell, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Ogeltree, Randall Kennedy and other law scholars who influenced our understanding and approach to the law.

After graduating from law school, I lived in Chicago from 1994-97. There I wrote several e-mails to Obama while he was as an adjunct professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, repeatedly asking if he could help me obtain a teaching position there. The response from this man who is down with helping “the disenfranchised”? – silence of the lambs – nothing.

However, a fellow colleague of his at that same University of Chicago School of Law, senior lecturer Richard A. Posner, a white man, a Jew who was also the chief judge of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, not only frequently responded to my inquiries, he mentored me for the past 10 years and has graciously served as an academic reference on my behalf even though I wrote a law review article very critical of his humanist legal theories and positive law jurisprudence.

Here is the critical difference between Obama and me, which I believe is inextricably linked to the ideas of our pastors: While I questioned the things I was taught at Harvard by assiduously and meticulously studying the books and scholarly articles written by the Harvard law faculty and other law scholars over many, many years, Obama (and his wife, Michelle) drank freely, fully and unreservedly from the well of the liberal academy at Columbia, Princeton and Harvard Law School.

His ipso facto acceptance of radical ideas from the law academy (and Pastor Wright) without question thus causes me to view Obama not as a fully developed man, but as a Manchurian Candidate that seems incapable of having an independent thought apart from Marxist, socialist, liberal dogma. Such a person in my opinion is unworthy of the presidency (at least in America).


If 20 years ago Obama had only taken the road less traveled and joined my church, Antioch Church of God in Christ, and willingly submitted himself under the wise and un-theatrical tutelage of Pastor Green, a magnificent man of God, things would have been much better for him.

True, there wouldn’t have been any media there, no cameras, no Oprah sitting across the aisle, no assortment of political hacks from the corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine with their entourages making a circus out of a sacred service, but I guarantee you, Sen. Obama, that you would have received a rigorous religious grounding in Christianity that would have greatly aided you in making more prudent judgments as a man than you have made thus far in your life due to the vulgar, racist and radical associations you continue to embrace.

Thank you, Pastor Havious Green, for teaching me how to love God, how to pray, study the Bible, speak the truth without fear … but most of all for making a man out of me.

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