For several decades, the “save the earth – kill all the people” lobby has silently lusted after the elusive $4 or better gallon of gasoline. Once this happened (what thinking there was on the topic reasoned), people would be forced from their private cars onto public transportation – the eco-collectivist nirvana.

“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” the eco-warriors told us. “We will efficiently transport them between the collectivist school, collectivist factory, collectivist hospital, and finally to the collectivist crematorium.” And as a byproduct, these same huddled masses could be effectively imprisoned in our nation’s cities – protecting real nature from humanity.

Alas! Be careful what you wish for. With $4-a-gallon gasoline now only visible in the rear view mirror, the huddled masses are still yearning to breathe free, and have decided they rather like their individual cars over collectivist cattle cars. They like being able to go on a drive across two states to visit grandma in rural America. And they’d really like to be able to continue to do so.

Thus the masses – ingrates that they are – have decided that drilling for more oil in America to increase the supply sounds like a pretty good idea. The Gallup pollsters who identified this sentiment consider such new drilling a “drastic” measure. So much for “unbiased” scientific research.

As Larry Kudlow observes in National Review Online, neither presidential candidate seems to have grasped this. They’re still talking about “cap and trade,” which for all but the celebrity-wealthy means “get your cave now, because we’re headed back to the Stone Age.”

And as Kudlow explains, “Then there’s the oil nobody is talking about. The Bakken fields beneath North Dakota, Montana and Canada hold an estimated 400 billion barrels of oil. In comparison, Saudi Arabia’s biggest field, Gahawar, has an estimated 55 billion barrels, while ANWR has an estimated 10.4 billion barrels.”

Of course, it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. We were expected to panic, yield to our collectivist betters, beg them to save us, and then accept our diminished lifestyle as the ultimate price of our evil consumptive habits. “So few people, so much energy, it’s so unfair!” No, it’s not. We happen to use that energy to produce the bulk of the world’s economic development.

Sounds to me like the amount of oil right under the center of North America could lubricate the American economy quite nicely for some time to come. And this is the kind of economic development that supports freedom. It will give all of us the ability to do what we think is best for the world we live in. If you want to see pristine wilderness, donate money to the trusts that buy land and take it off limits. If you want to drive a car that runs on pure ethanol, pay the price at the pump. If you want an electric car, let’s build more nuclear power plants so you can recharge it cleanly.

Freedom means options. Why all the coercion and stone age mentality in our politics?

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