A new political action committee ad questions Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s statements about his faith, pointing out that whether the Illinois senator was a Muslim or not is not as important as whether he is telling the truth about the issue now.

The new ad, paid for by the National Campaign Fund, is shown here:


“Question. Was Barack Obama ever a Muslim?” the ad says. “He says no, but the Associated Press found records that show Obama was enrolled in school as a Muslim while living in Indonesia. And Obama’s campaign said it couldn’t explain why.”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter if Obama were a Muslim back then but it does matter if he is not telling the truth about it now,” it says.

A message left with Obama’s campaign office in Chicago seeking comment did not receive a response.

Floyd Brown said the ad was generated by a political action committee he started called ExposeObama.com.

“The mainstream media for whatever reason has not asked Barack Obama the tough questions,” Brown told WND. “He really needs to be asked the tough questions.

New ad questioning Obama

“I think this is an absolutely vital election. I’ve basically been focusing my energy and effort on it,” he told WND.

“We give the man who becomes president of the United States the keys to the nuclear codes. We give him control of the U.S. military. We give him control of American foreign policy, as boss of the secretary of state. We know virtually nothing about Barack Obama. All we hear repeatedly is this mantra, ‘hope, change, change, hope.’

“Nobody knows what kind of change,” he said. “We need to be asking those difficult questions.”

Brown, and his wife, Mary Beth, both are accomplished authors and speakers, and write a weekly column for the Cagle Post. Brown told WND the ad should be airing soon in various markets.


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