Pamela Rogers Turner

Following a WND report, a MySpace page for a former elementary school teacher and registered sex offender has vanished.

Pamela Rogers Turner, 30, a former teacher who pleaded no contest to having intercourse and oral sex with a 13-year-old student, recently had a profile featuring photos of nude women and the ex-physical education instructor doing a striptease on video. A message from the social network now states, “This profile no longer exists.”

The page said “Pamela” is a former teacher who is looking to make a new name for herself in the entertainment industry. When WND contacted a person claiming to be Rogers Turner through the profile, she spoke about pursuing her new career and pictures she had taken in provocative poses.

“Well I have some sexy teacher photos of me that were done recently,” the person said. “They are of me in lingerie by a desk with blackboard in back etc. I’m just real confused on where to go with all this.”

When asked for an interview instead of racy pictures, the individual responded, “No I would rather not do a whole life story right now … not ready … probably never will anyways.”

Rogers Turner is just one on WND’s big list of scores of female teachers who have had sex with students in recent years.

If the person was in fact her, it would not have been the first time Rogers Turner has offered to send sexy photos online. In February 2005, she pleaded no contest to having a sex with a 13-year-old student at Centertown Elementary School in McMinnville, Tenn., and served 198 days of an eight-year sentence before paying a $50,000 bond and being released. Circuit Judge Bart Stanley prohibited contact with the victim or use of the Internet as a condition of parole.

However, Rogers Turner admitted to creating another now-deleted MySpace page, messaging the boy through his code name “Number 32” (his basketball jersey number) and sending him several provocative and nude photos and videos of herself while she was on parole. After initially charging her with 13 counts of statutory rape and 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, prosecutors found evidence of her continued relationship with the boy through the social network. She was sent back to jail and is serving the full term of her original sentence plus an additional two years for violating her parole by contacting the minor.

Now, a new MySpace profile under her name has just been deleted. It had photos and personal information about Rogers Turner, describing her as a single, Christian female who would like to have children “someday.”

“I’m just your normal 30 year old woman, well sort of,” it said. “As most of you know things have been complacated [sic] for me for some time now. But I am looking forward to making a new life for myself and all the new adventures that come with it. And just so you will remember me … ” A video of her dancing provocatively in black lingerie followed.

At the time of her original arrest, Rogers Turner had been married only 11 months to a high school basketball coach named Christopher Turner. He filed for divorce shortly after she was arrested for having sex with the young student.

(courtesy photo / The Southern Standard)

A telling statement at the top of the profile page declared, “Yes I am the one your mother warned you about.”

The warden of the Tennessee Prison for Women declined to comment on whether inmates are allowed access to the Internet and MySpace. While the identity of the person managing the page is uncertain, photos of nude women were removed from the profile immediately following WND’s repeated phone calls to the women’s prison, and now the profile no longer exists.

The profile listed 31 “friends,” all males who described themselves as legal adults, and claimed her favorite movie is “The Notebook” because it mirrors a similar situation in her own love life.

“[I]t is based on a true story and who doesn’t enjoy happy endings?” the entry said. “Also, there are many love stories that can be compared because something interfered and they were not over … and still are not over today. I guess only time will tell if they will one day be together … There is someone that I am referring to, and they know who they are.”

Rogers Turner’s February request for parole has been denied, and her official release date is Oct. 29, 2014 – when the teenage victim is set to turn 22 years old.



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