Two weeks ago, I addressed comments made by Barack Obama about his faith dating back to 2004.

In an amazing coincidence, several other pundits and columnists discovered this 4-year-old interview in the Chicago Sun-Times after I wrote about it. I know it was a coincidence because none of them cited my column for bringing this information to their attention after all these years.

But, I digress.

The interview reveals Obama, who calls himself a Christian, has no concept of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

He states, for instance, that he has no idea of what will happen to him when he dies.

He suggests his eternal destination has something to do with being a “good father” to his children and transferring values he got from his atheist mother.

He says there are many paths to heaven.

In other words, he doesn’t have a clue as to what it means to be a Christian. That, of course, is not surprising given the only church experience he has had in his life has come in that hate-filled, racist, neo-Marxist, liberation theology-based Trinity United Church of Christ. There “Christianity” is used to sell other religions altogether – anti-Americanism, black victimization, socialism.

In any case, not only did other pundits pick up on the subject of my column two weeks ago, so did People for the American Way. Unlike the others, People for the American Way noticed I wrote about this old interview first.

I must say, I’m always gratified when I am the target of a group like the hopelessly misnamed People for the American Way. I don’t have any use for this Norman Lear creation, and, obviously, the feeling is mutual.

People for the American Way doesn’t think it’s fair that I offer opinions on what it means to be a Christian. The group characterizes this kind of analysis, based on what the Bible says, as a “religious inquisition.”

Get a grip, you guys!

I haven’t put any thumbscrews on Obama.

I haven’t put him in the rack.

I haven’t disemboweled him.

I haven’t roasted him alive.

I haven’t thrown him in boiling oil.

I haven’t sawed him in half.

I haven’t burned him at the stake.

What I have done is use his own words to illustrate he doesn’t even understand the meaning of being a Christian – to accept Jesus’ atoning, sacrificial death on the cross as full, unmerited payment for my sins and the sins of the world and to do my best to be obedient to His commandments.

I have confidence that if I do that, I will go to heaven because that’s what God’s Word reveals.

There is nothing else I can do to earn eternal life. It’s not about good works.

And I know there is only one path to heaven, because Jesus said so.

Now maybe those atheists at People for the American Way think they know Christianity better than I. Maybe they think they know the Bible better than I. Maybe they think Obama should be given a pass to call himself a Christian because he has decided it would be an expedient path to the Oval Office.

But I disagree strongly with all of those notions.

Not to worry, though, fellows. You are in no danger of being thrown in the dungeon by me or other followers of Jesus. You are in no danger of persecution or witch hunts by me or other followers of Jesus. You are in no danger of being tortured or dismembered.

But I do pray that both Obama and his friends at People for the American Way learn about that saving grace and sincerely claim it – because a fate worse than all of the above awaits those who do not.

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