The Barack Obama campaign phenomenon increasingly resembles the 1973 science fiction movie “Soylent Green” more and more with each passing day.

A quick viewing of the film’s promotional trailer will help to explain my point.

Replace the movie’s scenes of huge crowds who desperately gathered for food with the television images of Obama’s super-sized campaign rallies, where disaffected voters frantically gather to see the pseudo-messianic figure of Obama deliver vacuous promises of “change” and “hope.”

I feel a bit like Charlton Heston’s character from the movie, knowing the secret of what was in Soylent Green, but finding it difficult to get people to wake up to the sickening reality. The truth about Barack Obama’s indefensible coziness with terrorists and jihadists must similarly be told.

A glimmer of hope emerged yesterday when finally broke the mainstream media’s silence on the involvement of the radical, Marxist, terrorist-sympathizer Jodie Evan’s bundling operations for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Like Heston’s character in Soylent Green, I’ve been sounding the alarm, pounding the keyboards, speaking publicly, warning everyone about this development since April, including two columns I wrote for – “Barack’s terrorist-sympathizing fundraiser” and “Jeremiah Wright on estrogen.”

And there are plenty more terrorist-sympathizers on Barack Obama’s speed dial besides Jodie Evans.

In January of this year, 80 attorneys for terrorists being held at the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay made a mass-endorsement of Obama’s presidential campaign. The Boston Globe reported that the terrorists’ lawyers endorsed Obama because he was “the best choice to roll back the Bush-Cheney administration’s detention policies in the war on terrorism.”

So even the terrorists’ lawyers admit a vote for Obama is a vote for letting terrorists go free.

This is all the more troubling given that Barack Obama opposes the use of our military to kill the terrorists overseas. But don’t worry; Barack Obama’s got a plan to help Planned Parenthood kill human babies here in America.

For the past several weeks, Democrats in Congress have held up funding for our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Opposed to the war on terror, Democrats have been blocking the funding of our troops as a means to put political pressure on the Bush administration to abandon the war effort against al-Qaida.

When that didn’t work, Senate Democrats decided they would force Republicans to give them concessions for passing the war funding measure, and proceeded to tack on an amendment giving Planned Parenthood special discounts on drugs including the abortifacient “morning after” pill.

Barack Obama doesn’t merely support the linkage between harming our troops while helping to kill unborn babies through Planned Parenthood, but as Congressional Quarterly reports, he conceived of the idea.

You can imagine how this makes the parents of U.S. troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan feel. A dear friend, Beverly Perlson of Chicago, Ill., has been staging repeated vigils outside congressional office buildings pleading with our elected officials to stop their anti-troop games and give our warriors the food, ammunition and support they need to succeed in their missions.

Bev Perlson’s son is in the 82nd Airborne and has served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s formed the organization Band of Mothers and travels all across this nation to rally support for our troops and to counter politicians who try to undercut the war effort.

It’s not fair to American military families, like Bev Perlson’s, to subject them to the four years of anti-military actions by Barack Obama. For that matter, it’s not fair to punish all Americans with four years of left-wing, blame-America-first, terrorist appeasement.

Barack Hussein Obama has pledged to meet with Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, yet he ignores the pleas of his own constituent, Mrs. Perlson, to make sure her son gets the funding he needs to help win the war his nation sent him to fight.

WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein has documented the extensive network of Islamic terrorist groups and their leaders who have endorsed Obama’s presidential campaign. On May 15, his report was headlined, “More terrorists endorse Obama.”

That tells you everything you need to know about why we must stop Barack Obama from becoming the commander in chief of the United States. This is a man who does not share the values of the American people, nor does he appreciate the sacrifices so many have made to make this the greatest nation on earth.

Like Charlton Heston’s character in Soylent Green, I know what Barack Obama really is. I know about the danger he poses to this country. I just hope enough people can hear the truth by November to save our nation.

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