There’s something ominously troublesome about how the media treat a black man running for president of a country in a “democratic” election.

Consider the presidential elections under way in two countries: one, Zimbabwe, in Africa, and the other, the United States, in North America.

They’re very different countries, and the candidates are very different men, yet there are aspects of their elections that are ignored for, I believe, the same reason: their race.

As a result, media refrain from real investigations into the candidates, their background, accomplishments and beliefs.

Tell me quick: What kind of president has Robert Mugabe been for Zimbabwe during 28 years in office?

If you depend on mainstream media, you probably don’t know.

On the other hand, tell me quick, what are the specific accomplishments of Barack Obama – his qualifications for office – his specific plans for this country if elected?

If you depend on mainstream media, you probably don’t know.

But, I repeat myself.

Events in Zimbabwe have virtually been ignored by the media, politicians, world opinion and, unfortunately, by the American people.

If we’d look at what’s been (and continues) taking place in Zimbabwe, we’d see the growth of a despot, the destruction of a country and government-sanctioned genocide of its people.

Where is the outrage?

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has been the elected president for 28 years following British colonialism. He inherited a thriving, healthy economy. In the interim, he’s destroyed everything: the infrastructure, commerce, agriculture, the monetary, medical, education and media systems as well as housing, and he’s starving the people.

Is the reason the media scarcely cover this human tragedy because Mugabe is black? Even other African nations are loath to condemn his brutality, for example: literally bulldozing people in their houses.

Across the world, in the United States, there’s another presidential candidate. Media everywhere are besotted with Barack Obama. He’s young, regarded as charismatic, has an attractive family, he’s a Democrat – but most of all, he’s black.

He’s treated as “God’s gift” to the party and the country, if not the world.

If there were a way to eliminate the November elections and put him in the White House now, his supporters would be so relieved.

It took so-o-o-o long to get rid of Hillary, after all. What a spoil sport she turned out to be – wanting to win and all!

We’re told Zimbabwe is a “democracy,” with a constitution, a system of laws and elections. But Mugabe, a trained Marxist, knows how to use the system. He always wins elections, assisted by strong-arm police and military.

Then, the general election vote March 29 showed that challenger Morgan Tsvangirai won – 48 to 43 percent. Mugabe refuses to accept this first real challenge to his reign of terror.

Final vote tallies weren’t released until May; supposedly, showing a runoff is required. Police and military threatened opposition party members/supporters, who were beaten, arrested and killed. There are at least 2,000 documented cases of beatings and torture.

Tsvangirai, who’s already survived three assassination attempts, was targeted again and sought asylum in South Africa; he returned in late May to campaign.

The runoff is scheduled for June 27. Mugabe’s goons continue the threats, beatings, banning of rallies and arrests of opposition supporters.

Tsvangirai was arrested last week, detained for “attracting a crowd.” Thursday, Tendai Biti, secretary general of the opposition party, returning from South Africa, was arrested at the airport and charged with treason. He could face the death penalty. His whereabouts are unknown.

In the U.S., media coverage of Obama is done with kid gloves. It’s “off limits” to ask about his parents, family, upbringing, childhood and adult religion, ministers, education, the political affiliations of friends, financial and political advisers, campaign contributors and, especially, his wife.

Oh, and never ask about his middle name: Hussein.

If you do ask, you’re a “racist.”

Do you need more proof that it’s because he’s black?

Try having those same rules about his white, Republican opponent. Not in this lifetime!

On June 5, a three-car convoy of American and British diplomats investigating Zimbabwe violence, was detained for six hours by a Mugabe mob.

A staffer was beaten, tires slashed and the occupants threatened with being burned alive in the cars if they didn’t go to a police station.

Then, 20 tons of American food aid for children was seized by the government and distributed to Mugabe supporters.

Mugabe now says he’s ready to fight if the opposition wins the runoff.

Whatever happened to that shipload of arms headed to Zimbabwe from China?

The U.S. wants the U.N. Security Council to address the “crisis.”

Where is the outrage?

It’s not out of line to ask why Barack Obama (who’s made much of his African-Kenyan heritage) hasn’t said anything about this political and humanitarian crisis involving a president in an ostensibly democratic country in Africa?

Is it because “that” president is a fellow black? Is it because “that” president is a Marxist, a political philosophy that flavors much of Obama’s own beliefs and interpretations and those of some of his political mentors, associates and friends?

It’s certainly not from any fear of being called “racist.” The media tell us blacks can’t be racist.

I do not believe that Obama is a nascent tyrant, but his policies and aims for this country are socialist, which is Marxist-communism light. November’s election could change this country dramatically with an increased heavy hand of government control.

Remember: When Robert Mugabe was first elected, he was hailed by the West, the U.S. and indeed, Jimmy Carter, as essentially being Zimbabwe’s savior.

Consider what’s happened – and Carter has never said a word.

Many people regard Obama as our “savior.”

That makes me nervous.


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