Censorship. Book burning. The Criminalization of Christianity. It’s here and it’s now the law in the state of Colorado.

The Ku Klux Klan can march. The Nazis can hand out brochures. Skinheads can do whatever it is that Skinheads do. But in the state of Colorado, the only group who is NOT allowed to be heard is … the Christians. They’re the ones who disagree with same-sex marriage, cohabitation, and believe the biblical view that homosexuality is a sin. But if they voice that objection from now on, it had better be inside the four walls of a church. If not, they’ll be staring at the four walls of a prison cell … for up to a year.

No kidding.

Tobin Kerns was planning his own Columbine-like mass murder. But they caught him and convicted him of conspiracy to commit murder and threatening to use deadly weapons in 2006, sentencing him to a whopping … 10 months.

Plan a Columbine-like mass murder and you’ll do 10 months in jail. Say homosexual “marriage” is a sin (in a state where same-sex marriage is illegal), and you’ll be doing a year behind bars.

You see, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed into law SB 200 and turned public restrooms and locker rooms into a predator paradise where men can enter (and shower in) any female public facility in the state. You’d think that would be as bad as it gets – but wait: Section 8 of that same bill claims to trump the First Amendment:

Section 8. 24-34-701. Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden. No person, being the owner, lessee, proprietor, manager, superintendent, agent, or employee of any place of public accommodation … shall publish, issue, circulate, send, distribute, give away, or display in any way, manner, or shape or by any means or method, except as provided in this section, any communication, paper, poster, folder, manuscript, book, pamphlet, writing, print, letter, notice, or advertisement of any kind, nature, or description that is intended or calculated to discriminate or actually discriminates against … SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status … in the matter of furnishing or neglecting or refusing to furnish to them or any one of them any lodging, housing, schooling, or tuition or any accommodation, right [marriage], privilege [adoption], advantage, or convenience … on account of … SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status … [which] is unwelcome or objectionable or not acceptable, desired, or solicited.

Forget the public library display of “banned books week” – its “banned books week” all year round in the entire state of Colorado – if those books, paper, posters, folders, manuscripts, pamphlet, writing, print, letter, notice, advertisement, or crayon drawing is said to be calculated, intended, or thought to discriminate against homosexual behavior, or the agenda to rewrite marriage and adoption laws.

I predicted it three years ago. And a lot of people said I was crazy. But my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” subtitle: “Read this Before it Becomes Illegal” just became … illegal. And it’s no longer just in Sweden, Europe, and Canada; it’s right here in what used to be known as the “land of the free.”

A week from today I’m flying to Denver and attending a press conference with Colorado pastors and state leaders to … break the law. We are handing out my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” and waiting for arrest. It may be that next week’s column will be written from a jail cell. I tend to think that would be a stupid move on the government’s part. I predict they will lay low and peg off the less vocal types first. Wait for the cement in the law to become solid before chaining it to the feet of Christians who dare speak out.

Forget my book. Another far more important book just got banned in Colorado: the Bible. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Leviticus 18, Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6 and 1 Timothy 1. There’s a bunch more verses, and they all just became illegal.

Thankfully, our rights don’t come from the elected officials in Colorado. They don’t even come from the U.S. Supreme Court. We are “endowed with” our rights from “our Creator.” And the good news is, our Founding Fathers were smart enough to write them down in a document known as the U.S. Constitution. And if we read that document, we find something called the First Amendment. And you know what? It trumps Colorado SB 200, Gov. Bill Ritter and the homosexual agenda.

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